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Name Surname is the name of my father. On May 12, 1938, he was born. He learned to be a compassionate and nurturing person while growing up in Nigeria with both parents and Muslim heritage. In the 1980s, he traveled to America to earn Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Aeronautics Engineering and Accounting. He's my best friend and the perfect guy in my life. He is a kind guy who is well-liked by many people at work. When I'm in trouble, he always comes to my aid. My father is the greatest gift any child could get, but he was unfortunate in his life partner selection. He got married to a vulgar and disrespectful wife named Diane and were blessed with a daughter named Susie. After their marriage, Dad got employment at an airport as an Engineer.

My father is very dutiful, respectful, active and a good role model. I always learn from his life experiences and teachings. He always guides me on how to have etiquette, how to get fit and healthy, be happy and be a peaceful person all through my life. He regularly checks on me to ensure that I am alright. The most memorable moment I have had with my father is during Sundays and holidays when he takes us out to the park and other interesting places. How we eat delicious breakfast together on Sunday mornings, play badminton in the garden, laugh, take pictures and do much more. He is indeed a family person. He never hesitates to share with me his bad and happy moments. He wants me to be a good person in life and most of all, a successful person.

January 13, 2023

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