My Last Days on Planet Earth

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We all know we will face death at some point, but no one knows when that time will be. When anyone passes away, everybody believes he died much too soon. And those who die at the age of 90 remain optimistic and make preparations for when they hit the age of 100. To put it another way, no one wants to die, even if it is inevitable. If I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with something like brain cancer after multiple tests, the doctor will most likely apologize and send me several medications to relieve my discomfort because there is nothing more that can be done. Besides, he will estimate my remaining months of life. It could be a month, two or three. Regardless of what possible period the doctor says I have left, the important factor is that I am going to die sooner than I had expected. At this point, I am sure of three things. Firstly, I will want to accomplish all I had wanted in life within the remaining period. Secondly, I will be more loving and forgiving. Thirdly, my closest friend would be a priest because that is the only way I will be sure of dying a righteous person.

Accomplish It All

Although it would not be possible to have everything I had planned for 50 years in months, I will be determined to try and fulfill the achievable. I will go to places I had longed to; I would also want to meet people I had wanted to. I will have the confidence to approach the girl I have always been in love with and hoped to spend the rest of my life with because it is the only time I have. I will try and enjoy my life as much as I can until I die. I will pursue the happiness explained by Aristotle in his book Nicomachean Ethics. Aristotle does not consider happiness to be a state but an activity. He identifies it as the highest good because we choose happiness as an end sufficient in itself. It is always chosen as an end in itself and never for the sake of something else. It is also a self-sufficient goal--requiring nothing else (Crisp 10). Happiness is pursued for its own sake, not chosen because of something else and not infinitely pursued. However, I will be sure to seek happiness in virtue.

Loving and Forgiving Others

In my pursuit of happiness, showing love to those around me and forgiving anyone who has always tormented my life for the wrongs he or she did to me will be the first steps towards achieving the highest good. In other words, I will change the way I feel about the other. I will get rid of any prejudice or stereotype and get along with everyone. The greatest regret people have towards the end of their lives is relationships. That is why people dying in the hospitals seek to reconcile with close people with whom they had differences. I will also do the same. I will love completely meaning will not leave anything unsaid or undone. I will appreciate all those who were there for me throughout or at some point in my life and I will settle all the scores with my enemies. I will live boldly no matter how short time I have, I will make sure I leave behind a legacy. I will take advantage of the social media and inspire people telling them the value of life. That way I will create the true friendship described by Aristotle. A friendship based on the goodness in which both parties admire the goodness of the other and help one another strive for goodness (Crisp 48).

Loving God

If I learned I only have a few more months on earth, I would seek to renew my relationship with God. I will stay close to a priest so that he can guide me in enlightening my spiritual life. The priest will help me discover God, appreciate the gift of life that he gave me as well as guide me through the repentance process. Encouragement, from a man of God, will make me stronger and prepare me for life after death.


Conclusively, learning that only have a few months to live will change the way I see life. It will make me appreciate other people as well as acknowledge the importance of life. I will try to enjoy life in a virtuous way even if it is only for a short while. I will be determined to live at peace with everyone around me. Finally, it will allow me to mend my ways and live in the way of righteousness by rebuilding my relationship with God. I will start living passionately. In other words, I will start to live my life with a purpose and embrace all that God has given me. That way, I will experience the highest good of life which is happiness.

Works Cited

Crisp, Roger, ed. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics. Cambridge University Press, 2014.

July 29, 2022

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