My Management and Leadership Skills

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The modern healthcare system necessitates application of both leadership and management skills. In particular, application of these essential skills by nurses facilitates proper functioning of healthcare system. Thus, the importance of leadership and management skills in nursing cannot be underestimated. It would be undisputable to indicate that employing the above skills forms a broader part of nursing competency. This is because, for instance, a nurse manager is able to control various processes such as mentoring, contributing to staff  professional development while performing other nursing duties as stipulated by American Nurses Association. In this regard, the following paper seeks to select and discuss leaders such as Bill Gates who I admire while at the same time reflecting on my own management and leadership skills.

Characteristics of leadership that I admire and leadership style he employed to influence others

Bill Gates is one of the renowned great leader of 21st

century. As a great leader, Gates has various characterictics of leadership that enabled him to shine and emerge as a reputable leader around the globe (Bel, 2010). One of the most vital characteristic of his leadership is his clear vision. Without a doubt, he is a man with vision that acted as his inspiration enabling to him to pursue the creation of the Microsoft. He also has a vision of eliminating malaria through his famous malaria project in the Bill and Melinda Foundation. Therefore, he has ability to envision and strategize which makes me to admire him as a great leader. Some of the key leadership style employed by Bill Gates include authoritarian, strategic, transformational, and team leadership style. Through his authoritarian leadership style, he has been able to dictate the goals to be achieved and how they are implemented. encapsulating this style enabled him to be among the outstanding respected leaders.

What leadership styles are you demonstrating to effectively manage and lead within your practice?

Application of leadership styles in nursng acts as the most important aspect in nursing. In fact, it ensures a nurse is able to lead and manage others appropriately. As nurse, I am demonstrating the use of both transformational and collaborative leadership in order to effectively manage and lead others in the field of nursing.  Transformational leadership, in this case, necessitates leaders to picture and communicate their vision in a evocative way, which creates unity and collective purpose. As a transformational leader,one is able to motivate other nurses thus increasing performance in providing better healthcare. Collaborative leadership creates a room that enhances assertiveness and coopretaive process (Azaare & Gross, 2011). The process occurs when a leader works together with other nurses towards mutual benefit. In more understandable language, coloborative leadership creates an organizational symbiosis and partnership. Creating a collaborative environment in nursing practice is an effective way of managing and leading others.

What spiritual factors impact your ability to successfully manage and lead?

Spirituality is an important aspect of nursing care. Thus, it is ideal for nurses to undertake on providing spiritual care to all patients. However, it is worthnoting to indicate that spiritual and religious needs for patients are complex since there is a possibility that a patient can non-religious but spiritual (Chan, 2010). In this regard, there are some factors which have impact on effective management and leadership. Spiritual perception and spiritual practice are two main factors that can impact ability to manage and lead (Chan, 2010). In some cases, spiritual perception of a nurse my not coincide with other nurses thus creating a diversion in enhancing effective management.


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October 13, 2023


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