My Passion to Pursue a Career in Nursing

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A Career in Nursing: My Passion and Journey

A career in nursing has always been my passion based on my prolific life experience. However, this has never been the journey as I have been working in the medical field as a medical assistant. In the medical field, I realized the occurrence of different roles, the value of working as a team, and significant changes an individual can make in his or her life. Choosing a career in nursing is mainly based on my experience as a medical assistant at Gervaise Gerstner Dermatology (GGD) which is more informative about the daily life of a nurse.

Value of Being a Nurse: Organization, Efficiency, and Alertness

At Gerstner, I learned the value of being organized, efficient, and alert in preparations and assistance with all the processes which are required for an effective nurse. Despite primarily known as caregivers, the role of a nurse entails more than this. Nurses are evaluators, researchers, managers, and advocates. Moreover, they stand as major foundations of comfort, healing, leadership, and professionalism. As a result, a nurse gets to assist in many different ways. My main source of inspiration and motivation to become a nurse comes from the innate desire to assist people and provide sufficient care for them at different times of need. Nurses are always on the frontline every hour attending to patients and improving the diagnosis process throughout the healthcare system. Consequently, nurses support the doctors in creating a care plan for the patients and playing a significant task of educating the patients. Additionally, they act as a link of communication between the physicians and the patients. There are many categories of nursing within the medical institutions that perform different roles such as RN and BSN all with better wages.

Pursuing a Career in Nursing at NYU Rory Meyers

Transfixed by the altruistic task of a nurse and an opportunity to pursue the diverse and eclectic passion, I am certain to pursue a career in nursing. The process will stop neither at RN nor BSN but till the acquisition of a degree in DNP in the adult Gernotological primary care (GPC), and NYU Rory Meyers significantly stands apart as the place to acquire the knowledge. I have chosen NYU Rory Meyers among other universities because it focuses on offering rigorous and extensive academic programs that provide their students with a strong foundation for success. Subsequently, the institution promises to train forerunners in nursing and plays an essential leadership duty in healthcare that is used in achieving a healthier community.

An Innovative Institution: NYU Rory Meyers and My Best Choice

The organization is multifaceted and innovative thereby its accelerated baccalaureate plan becomes my best choice. The institution and fellow students will have the chance to learn essential skills that I gained from being a medical assistant. As a candidate, my strength lies in effective practical skills acquired while interacting with various patients and my objectives as a nurse. These include constantly expanding my knowledge through research, experience, and continuous education courses. Furthermore, I am aiming at offering excellence in the comprehensive care units by using my skills as a compassionate person and a competent professional. Additionally, I want to cultivate my sufficient leadership roles in the community, nation, and the globe while constantly facilitating the progress of humanity and medicine by providing the best care to all. By being diligent to pursue a profession in nursing, this choice provides me the best opportunity and time to live a fulfilling and rewarding life that is dedicated to assisting others.

October 13, 2023

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