My Personal Attributes and Life Purpose in Line with the Organization

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Having gone through the principles, background, mission, and objectives of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; I have overtime identified my personal attributes and life purpose in line with the organization. Since its inception on January 15, 1908, established under the principles of Service to All, Sisterhood and Scholarship; the organization has demonstrated the ultimate value of humanity. The group has gone beyond racial differences, localities, personalities, political and religious affiliations to helping the needy in the society.

I am a resourceful, flexible, and hardworking person who would bring along skills, innovation, and vision to the Sorority. I am currently a member of the American Heart Association (Basic Life Support Instructor), Girl Talk Chapter- Starter and Advisor, NAACP advocates for the rights of voters and Mocha Moms Teens as a coordinator. My experiences through the years in the organizations have enriched my capacity for charity work and social organizations. I have learned different skills both at the managerial level and in membership that I believe deem me fit in the organization.

As a leader, I understand the value of acting as a role model to others. With the group largely made up of young people, I believe that my activities will be exemplary. I am currently undertaking my Master's education having successfully gone through graduate school with an Honors degree and aspiring to achieve the Doctoral level. I believe the knowledge I have will be shared through the generations and that I will act as an aspiration to other young persons in the group as well as those who are interested in joining. With the belief the education plays a significant role in the empowerment of the girl child, I surely will be that source of motivation.

Through my interactions in college and as a member of various social outfits, I have learned the art of good communication, tolerance, and coexistence; some of the values Alpha Kappa Alpha holds. I have also developed interpersonal relationships with the people of different races, cultures, and affiliation that would be handy for the outreach programs in the organization. Having traveled around various countries, I am aware of the terrains. During my interactions, I also learned and developed fluency in different languages thus enhancing my communication capacity both in verbal and written forms. I am fluent in English, Arabic, German, and French and various native languages thus considering the diverse nature of the sorority, I can easily fit in. I am computer literate and deeply family with the changing technological world. I bear a license in computer operations.

As a part of your team, I hope to provide quality services in a resourceful and visionary manner. I bring a vast experience, knowledge, and skills to the group. I also believe that through networking and the relationships I have developed in my work experiences and participation in organizational activities, I will enable partnerships in terms of funding and sponsorships to the group. The motivation in me is self-initiated that I don’t need to work under direct supervision for quality results. I am able to deliver under pressure and strict deadlines with full knowledge on the value of meeting stimulated timelines in the programs of an organization.

January 19, 2024
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