Nature of Change Facing the Blue Marina

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The ability to sustain efficient and effective coordination of organizational operations makes change management, according to Clegg et al. (2015), a crucial component of any organization. According to organizational dynamics, changes in organizational activities are likely to continue, necessitating the development of strategies to meet the needs of change.

A thorough examination of The Blue Marina has revealed that the company is currently experiencing negative circumstances due to declining sales. It was clear from the case's concepts that business is rapidly losing the ability to control client demand. With increasing lack of coordination between waiting and kitchen staff which results in customers are required to wait for a long time for services, and this situation translates into decline sales.

Having pointed out that above there is a need to note that the current changes faced by Blue Marina its inability to efficiently coordinate its internal operational process, (Beech, & MacIntosh, 2017). The company is currently unable to manage its micro-evolutionary dynamics. Hence this has resulted in its inability to control the nature of relations between members of staff, (Sayles, 2017). Its correspondent organic development overtime is becoming faulty based on the fact that it has not been improved to meet up with current trends and professional practices in the industry, (Burke, 2017).

In conclusion is it important to note that the ability to ensure proper coordination of business activities is a crucial factor for long-term growth and profitability, (Nickols, 2016). Hence, the decline in customer and profit base of Blue Marina is based on the adverse effects of its ability to manage coordination changes.


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May 17, 2023

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