Neil Gaiman "Chivalry"

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Chivalry is one of the brief stories compiled in the book “smoke and mirrors” by the distinguished author Neil Gaiman. Feedback from readers and supporters of Neil’s work has proven the story chivalry to be entertaining for the duration of from the start to the end. Neil's work is always a compilation of various patterns which include fantasy, horror, and realistic fictions under a single write up. Neil makes use of Mrs. Whitaker as the main character in the story of chivalry under the e book smoke and mirrors. In summary, we get to learn that the main character is a widow who used to be not blessed with any child. It is believed that she had a quiet and event free life because of the activities that she is involved or portrays in the story. We are told that she spends most of her time collecting pension plus visiting cow farms to purchase various products for a few coins. At times, she visits the aged woman who they often share tea with plus her sick friend that was admitted in the hospital for suffering hip damage.

The author gives Mrs. Whitaker excellent qualities that are difficult to find in a real-life situation. Very few people will take their precious time to visit the elderly periodically without getting tired or complaining of being committed to the extent that they would not make to visit the elderly. Despite that the fact that Mrs. Whitaker has no child, she still loves and takes care of her ill friend diagnosed with hip damage (Sabatini 43). In real life situation, most of the women who do not have children are always jealous though not all of them. The author continues by telling us that when Mrs. Whitaker finds the holy cup in the Oxfam, she goes ahead to purchase it and takes it home so that she can wash it by herself without raising complain about how dirty and dusty the was the cup. The woman with super unique attributes according to the author additionally polishes the grail to give it a shiny appearance.

The author also gives the women super great brevity that is not common in many women who are widows. Most of the widow in real life situation will always tend to seek refuge or favor from other people to eradicate the issue of loneliness. However, even though Mrs. Whitaker is a widow and a childless woman, she still had the guts to defend and fight for her rights. When Sir Galaad visited her, wearing a knight together with a prominent with a guest from the royal family to take the grail from her, she refuses and remains firm by her words. She does not care if the guest comes from the royal family, but she stands to defend what she owned (Sabatini 44). She is not afraid of the sword or the knight that Sir Galaad had worn instead she addresses him just like any other ordinary person without caring his position in the kingdom. In real life situation, almost every person tends to adhere or respond to the laws or request from the royal families with fear of being disowned.

Sir Galaad though does not lose hope he continues to make frequent visits to Mrs. Whitaker's home so that he can obtain the Grail from her, he even gives her a sword in exchange, but she still stands to refuse all the offers. As time goes by Sir Galaad started getting tired until she was almost giving up, but one day she comes with a great philosopher’s stone and the egg of a Phoenix for exchange with the well-polished and shiny grail. Besides, he also gave Mrs. Whitaker an apple of life. Mrs. Whitaker receives the apple which she claims to remind her of the best moments that she heard with her deceased husband (Gaiman et al. 47). The feeling of affection that she had changed her mind and within a few minutes she places the apple down she easily gave in and exchanged the old cup with a stone and an egg. Sir Galaad takes off on his horse having achieved the desires of his heart.

When Mrs. Whitaker returns to the Oxfam after a long time, she notices many changes including the absence of the young girl that was in attendance when she bought the old cup from the farm (Huff 76). He later heard that the young girl fled with a handsome young man but instead she answers with a smile and takes a walk on the farm where she comes across an old lamp which she appreciates and return to its corner. Mrs. Whitaker selects a romantic novel from the shelves, pays and goes back home.

The author employed the aspect of fantasy to create an imaginary world in the mind of the reader which he or she can then compare with the real world and make effective decisions in life. It gives a feeling of wonder which equips an individual with the ability to question things and activities that occur naturally to assist in making developments and come up with practical solutions. It empowers a reader with “what if” questions.

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