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Considering the popularity of video games, various board games, cybersport, and an abundance of small developers, writing a Games essay can cover a broad spectrum. As you can see in our free samples database, college students are free to come up with essays on games that are dealing with video games and more. For example, as a Psychology major, you can write about games that help to improve cognitive functions. The trick is to explain things and persuade your audience as you make a solid point. It is one of the reasons why the Games essays are so popular because they can bring up certain subjects that often act as the ground for college course debates and similar tasks. Feel free to have a look and find inspiration!

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192 views 8 pages ~ 2076 words
NFL season

At the start of the 2016 NFL season, Colin Kaepernick, a football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, as well as Me...

186 views 3 pages ~ 821 words
Will Video Games Teach You Anything?

Many individuals have been interested in computer games in recent years. According to available data, video games delive...

209 views 4 pages ~ 900 words
Violent Media for an Audience of Kids

In today's culture, most parents regard violent video games or gruesome comics as unfit for their children, as such medi...

253 views 7 pages ~ 1852 words
In what ways do video games affect children and teenagers?

Children and teens are affected both positively and negatively by domestic video games. Children's psychological develop...

87 views 4 pages ~ 900 words
Neil Gaiman "Chivalry"

Chivalry is one of the brief stories compiled in the book “smoke and mirrors” by the distinguished author Neil Gaiman. F...

151 views 4 pages ~ 1009 words
Extinction Paper

The number of extinct species has risen dramatically since historical times. In fact, 899 extinctions have occurred in t...

78 views 3 pages ~ 581 words
The Sociocultural Evolution Model of Gerhard Lenski

According to Gerhard Lenski's sociocultural evolution model, societies developed in response to changes in their social ...

279 views 2 pages ~ 328 words
The concept of Monopoly Essay

In every economic system, the principle of monopoly is critical. Indeed, various considerations should be considered whe...

121 views 2 pages ~ 496 words
Monsanto: the market structure

Monsanto is a seed company with a monopoly in the United States. Monsanto regulates more than 80% of the retail supply. ...

114 views 8 pages ~ 2417 words
Pokémon Go

The introduction of technologies has altered the social structure of humans. As a result, computer-related technologies ...

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