Software Project Management: A Process-Driven Approach

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Asteroids is a new Fantasy Game that will be merged into an existing web community. Unlike other existing fantasy games, this one is intended to be multi-player and adaptable enough to support a wide range and capacity of both existing and future players. Asteroids will be a web component that will enable features such as high-score display, instant messaging while playing (multi-player) and contacting technical help, rank functions, and chat possibilities using social profiles. The purpose of the game is to make it simple for users to browse, study, communicate with other users, and obtain help whenever and wherever they need it.One of the constraints the project might encounter is not having a clearly defined scope which can lead to project delays. This could potentially cause an increase in cost and also impact on the quality of the project (Brown, 2009). Additionally, delays in implementing tasks according to the schedules and in terms of priority might lead to time and budget constraints (Ahmed, 2016). It will be important to set clear tasks and timelines and allocate resources appropriately in order to ensure that the project ends successfully and on time.

Besides that, misuse of the budget and resources can also lead to delays in project implementation. It might also impact the quality of the final project and even cause the project not to be completed successfully hence not achieving project goals. Furthermore, a limited support team will make it hard to provide assistance to users when required. There might also be problems with designing and implementing the project with the set time if the hardware and software provided are not the best due to budget and time constraints.

Team Member Roles.

The project manager

The individual will be required to efficiently acquire and use resources to ensure that the project is a success. They will also be able to guarantee that the project will be finished within the stipulated time with the highest quality possible, adding value to both the users and the stakeholders (Michele Sliger, 2008).

Software Architect

The person will be needed to design and create the blueprints of the game according to the set goals and available resources. They will work with the project owners, users and developers in order to come up the best designs for the project.

Software Developer

The software developer will be required to program, test, debug and implement the final system according to the designs made by the system designer. They will do this by first reviewing the existing systems and come up with ideas on how to improve them before working with a team of designers, analysts and other staff to produce detailed specifications and write code. Afterwards, they will test the product in a controlled environment and debug where necessary before deploying the system in a live environment (Antonia Mas, 2012). Additionally, they will prepare manuals and conduct training for users and finally it will be their job to maintain the system once it is up and running.

Avid gamer

The individual will be required to test the game and rate the user experience. They will help validate and provide ideas that will assist the designers and developers to create a better system. They will be representing all gamers with the aim of ensuring that their needs as system users are met.

Stakeholder Questions

Vice President of Operations:

What are your expectations for the project with regards to its goals and objectives?

What concerns do you have for the project?

What are some of the challenges that you expect?

Software Designer:

What are your goals for the project?

What do you expect from other stakeholders?

What are some of the challenges you think you might encounter?

Software Developer:

What are your goals for the project?

What are some of the requirements you think are vital for the success of the project?

What challenges might you face while working on the project?

How long do you think the project will take?

Avid Gamer:

What are your expectations for the final project?

What suggestions can you make for the project?


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June 12, 2023
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