Networking and Servers

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Solution to the wasted IP-addressing problem - transitioning from numerous class C IP subnets to a single class B network with multiple subnets is cost effective because fewer networks are required based on departmental demands. We can accommodate the entire client list of 276 people, including the servers. We can have two IP addresses for each client to access the Internet and the Internet where they can access files from the file servers (Applications servers) while also accessing online browsing. This will aid in cost savings from investing on C class subnets because fewer peripherals are required. The hospital can be divide either as e.g Administration, Service (patient service) and Stock/Procurement where each could have a single network controlled by the ADDS

Total Devices approximately 290

Networks – Application level – can be divide in two Internet & internet

Infrastructure level – devices and peripherals that can be configured

Solution to increase network through capacity – network expansion could be possible when considering the departmentation or sections. There is a problem with network traffic in most cases where several clients are accessing same content at the same time. Network bandwidth increment could save the situation when replacing the CAT4 with the CAT6 as well as reducing network bulkiness in switching. This will increase the communication speed and amount of data passage via LAN.

Solution to adding WLAN to floors 8-10 – devices needed;

POE Access Points with wide Range(3piece) with Repeaters (2 each floor)

CAT 6 LAN Cable

Switch 4 ports (3pieces)


There will be need use simple and effective wireless connectivity which will serve the entire floors. In this regard, I suggest POE type of Access point which can reduce the inconvenience of having to setup Power stations as the Ethernet powers the devices. There will be repeaters to help strengthen and maintain the internet connectivity throughout the floor. Switches will get be connected to each other running from one floor to another via the CAT6 cable running in the trunks.

Adding a L3 Switch solution – the current Layer 2 Switch in place is based on matching the Mac Addresses of the Destination of the packed in order for the packed to be delivered. It has no security levels in place and the information can easily be retrieved. In this case there are vital information to which the hospital need to keep to itself in confidential manner. A layer 3 switch would be perfect in this case. It operates in passing packets to the final destination through matching the IP Addresses. This would mean security measures would be observed in passing the information. The switch is designed with the intelligence ability to segment networks. This would work in the Hospital as the segmentation of the intended Three networks would be possible with special permissions. This switch allows configuration and management unlike the Layer 2 type. Setting up the Switch to suit our preferred networks can be done to achieve data security and integrity.

Adding DMZ – Demilitarized Zone. This is a perimeter network which will enable us to add some extra security to our LAN Network. Any external feature i.e network nodes cannot access any information that is within the Intranet(Internet). Since the DMZ also works as a firewall its possible to configure the router to strictly deny internet Access to specific Clients while giving privileges to others. We can apply the DMZ Host to routers where, all traffic will be sent to the router first before they bare sent to the LAN nodes. This means that the hosts will be limited only to Internet

Routing protocol proposed and the type of router - the current Routing protocol is RIPv2, this protocol has a slower convergence speed, meant for small networks though it has a low resource usage. The proposed routing protocols are EIGRP. This type of protocol can solve speed and scalability issues of the network. Its convergence speed is high, network scalability is large, allows use of VLSM, its resource usage is medium though its maintenance is complex as well as the implementation. This will be implemented only if the router used is CISCO Router as its proprietary and can only be implemented on such a router.

Server redundancy solution of the infrastructure servers – having extra components in place is the key thing in solving this mystery. In this case the most affected and expected failure of the servers is hard disk failures, power failures, overheating, power shutdowns etc. the solution could vary among; using the N+1 Approach where if the expected risk is power failure, there should be a generator in place to automatically run the power. In case of a storage issue, technologies like mirroring can be used where duplicating the information to a clone storage takes place. In case one fails the other can be used before the faulty one is replaced. mirroring can mean online storage or virtual network storage where the enterprise will have a duplicate of the data saved somewhere different from the source. Every physical failure is met with a mirror or clone backup

Functions of the four infrastructure servers – the function of the primary server is the key function of the Hospital(enterprise) It systems. The infrastructure servers control all the connectivity of peripherals and their configurations. The four servers work together to make sure that the main intention/purpose of their existence is met. The main function of the servers is to assume functions of the main server in case the primary server malfunctions of is unavailable. It as well serves as a mirror to the main server.






B ( from ISP)

C (Intranet) from primary Router

Net A.



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May 17, 2023
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