Non-profit Organizations

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Since they have been around long enough, nonprofit organizations have spread to every country. Any group that depends on grants from the public or the government to support its efforts to carry out a specific course is considered a non-profit organization. Taxes are not levied against donations received by non-profits or any funds they raise through fundraising events. On the other hand, advocacy is the process of arguing a position on behalf of another person or group. When it comes to non-profit organizations, advocacy is refers to a wide range of actions, activities and expressions that seek to affect the outcomes that directly affects the lives of the people served by a particular organization. Every non-profit organization participates in advocacy. But their participation varies to certain degrees. While some advocate through focusing on their work, some do the same by responding to issues concerned with their mission.

There is a big difference between advocacy and lobbying. Lobbying to a great extent has to do with attempting to influence legislation whether at the local, state or even at the federal level. While lobbying involves advocacy, advocacy does not necessarily involve lobbying. Having outlined the difference between advocacy and lobbying, there are several concepts that come to play when dealing with non-profit organizations. Some of these concepts include; global fundraising, cultural differences and government support. These concepts cannot be ignored when it comes to the success of non-profit organizations. The mastery of the way-around these concepts can certainly yield results and add on the non-profit organizations success.

As the word reads, non-profit organizations need a lot of support to reach their set goals. Over a long period of time, there has been a belief that fundraising and philanthropy are prerogatives of the western world only. However, new trends have been established where online fundraising has received a warm welcome by countries all over the world. Techniques such as identifying major donors, using social media and also encouraging innovations at non-profits has seen a lot of support is felt all over the world. Certainly, non-profit organizations should try their best to give a shot at reaching out for donations globally. There are no barriers for fundraisers and donors.

Another concept that needs to be looked at when handling non-profit organizations is cultural differences. Cultural differences have had a great impact on non-profit organizations. In the past, it was believed that only the whites could manage and participate in the leadership of non-profit organizations. Issues such as ethnicity, race and cultural differences were not taken to consideration. With the rise of cultural sensitivity and diversity, non-profit organizations have begun to spread their effect all over. Involving people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds not only shapes multicultural expansion in non-profits but also ensures their goals are realized with much ease.

The government also cannot be ignored when discussing matters to do with non-profit organizations. Since time in memorial, the government of the day participate in funding the non-profit organizations even if it is on a small scale basis. The government supports the good work done by non-profits by first, not asking them to pay taxes. By doing this, nonprofits are able to direct all the money gained through donations and fundraising to their specific purpose. The nonprofits are required to follow certain regulations provided by the government in order to continue benefitting. With such an advantage, a non-profit organization can achieve many of its goals.

Non-profit organizations heed the call of God to serve. The Bible encourages those who have to share with those who do not have. Therefore, non-profits are in line with God’s purpose if they are led and conducted in utmost faithfulness and diligence.

February 14, 2023

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