Nursing Care to the Cardiovascular Patients

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When offering the nursing care to the individuals who are having problems with their cardiovascular scheme one must take into consideration the diet plan of the patients and must make sure that it is full of vegetables and fruits in each meal. There should also be a consideration into the age of the patient as it is vital when it comes to giving a physical activity to the sick. Besides, the caregiver should also look into the lifestyle of the ill and make the necessary adjustments, for instance, those smoking should stop immediately for quick recovery (Nguyen, 2018).

            Also, when it comes to the provision of nursing care to the persons with tissue perfusion problems, the caregiver must consider the age of the patient as the coronary flow reserve often declines gradually with age. One should also reflect on the lifestyle of the sick such as smoking as it intensely damages the capillary conscription. Another consideration is the diseases that are in the association such as obesity as they lead to low coronary flow reserve (Levy et al., 2008).

            Caring for the individuals with the digestion, nutrition, and elimination problems is always demanding, and the caregiver has to take into consideration the issues such as the time of offering the meal, for example, it should be mainly in the morning when the energy levels are high. The type of food is also significant as the ones rich in nutrients like vegetables, fruits, and roughages helps in preventing constipation. There should also be the consideration of the method of preparation of the food as the perfectly boiled meals assist in reducing the digestion complications (Florian, 2018).

            The musculoskeletal disorders often affect the muscles, bones, and even the joints. When providing care to the people with such complications, one should take into consideration their occupation as some jobs lead to the condition. The activity level is also an important factor as the individuals who work for more extended hours without rest often develop the disorder so they must reduce the working hours to remain healthy. The caregiver should also consider the age of the patient before offering the services as the disease usually intensifies with the increase in maturity (Cherney, 2016).

            The nursing process offers guidance to the registered nurse in individualizing, contextualizing, and prioritizing the problem areas for the individuals with the altered health states. The assessment phase helps in recording reviews and observations, the diagnosis stage enables the identification of problems, and the planning step incorporates the nursing interventions and actions for dealing with the issues. The implementation phase allows the execution of the process, and lastly evaluation to identify and maintain the vibrant, flexible care to the sick (Hage, 2014).


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October 13, 2023

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