Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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Building and construction industry is one of the most dangerous occupation industries where the workers are exposed to hazards and accidents. Small construction companies may be prone to more fatal accidents than large and established companies. Due to this challenges, the companies are creating awareness through the conducting safety and health practices that will protect the workers from the accidents. Around the world, there are various initiatives driven by the individual construction companies or international labor stakeholders such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) that provides the practices for the prevention of illness and fatality in the construction workplace (Samuel & Munagala, 2016). Therefore small companies should establish a safety promotion polices that will safety in the construction workplaces.

Occupational health and safety statement (OHS) policy statement is written an occupational document that ensures that the safety policies of the workers and staff are maintained in the construction workplaces. The policy guides the actions that the construction company will follow regarding the health and safety of the employees. Policy effectiveness of the depends on the involvement of the management and the worker's representatives during the preparation. The policy should be consistent in the way it meets the workplace objectives and being appropriate to the policy statement hazards and risks that are associated in the construction workplace.

The considerations that company should have before adopting the OHS policy should be explicit stating how the implementation and arrangements in place to support it regarding safe working procedures, occupational hygiene, and training of safety policies (Demirkesen & Arditi, 2015). The policy should address the hazards that can come from the workplace. In small construction sites, there are dangers of injuries, chemical spillage, and illness while in the workplace. The OHS policy statement should have on-going participation from the workers so that its objectives can be achieved and it must be amended from time to time to fit the purpose of that moment. The safety rules that the company will use will be:

Drug-free workplace – This rule in the safety and health program of the company’s OHS policy requires the workplace to be a free-drug zone. Unlawful possession, sale or use of illegal drugs is prohibited. Workers are not allowed to misuse drugs during the working hours as it can lead to injuries while operating the machinery. Smoking in the workplace is not allowed as it may interfere with other workers environment and operations of the work (Choudhry, 2014). In case the drugs serve for medicinal purposes, it should be taken through the guidance of a supervisor. Violation of these rules has consequences of dismissal from the workplace or facing a disciplinary suspension.

Machinery operations – All the machine operators, are required to have a valid operating license for any machinery that they operate. Unauthorized use of the company vehicles such as trucks is not allowed since it brings inconvenience in the operations of the work. Damaged machineries should be taken to the repairs before being used for the construction purposes to avoid causing accidents. The operation of vehicles and machinery should not be taken under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. The cranes should be checked well to see that they are functioning properly to avoid any injuries while they are operating. No usage of the mobile phone during the work as it hinders one concentration leading to delay or accidental injuries in work.

Hazard and injuries identification – It is everybody’s responsibility to providing a safe workplace for the others. There will be continuous evaluation of the hazards that are available in the workplace. In case there are injuries report should be given and correction of those take effect instantly. The construction company should have a continuous process of conducting inspections in the workplace in efforts of trying to identify the hazards and unsafe practices that can bring the accidents (Samuel & Munagala, 2016). Formal inspection of the Health and Safety Manager and supervisors should be regular while they consult various ways of the worker's safety.

Good housekeeping – Proper housekeeping ensures that there is safe work environment providing that there is the prevention of the accidents and fires. Construction materials are to be piled in stable way sot that they will not fall and cause accidents. Remaining debris and combustible scrap materials should be removed from the working sites to give way to the efficient working environment. The exits doors and walkways should be clear for everyone access in case there is a danger or an emergency.

Personal protective – All the workers should always wear protective and safety clothing while working especially in the cases that they are exposed to the hazardous conditions in the workplace. Goggle, helmets and work boots should be provided to the employees for their body parts prevention. Respiratory equipment for the prevention of the toxic and hazardous fumes that can be found in the construction site. All these equipment should be verified by the supervisor to ensure that they meet the standards.

Hygiene and occupational health - The medical attention in case there is accidents or injuries should be prompt. Communications and transportation of injured should be efficient to the medical facility to receive the treatment. The site should have at least a first aid experts who can provide the services when they are needed. The workers should be protected from the exposure to toxic chemicals, fumes, and dust by providing the protective gears against them. The ventilation in the site should be proper to allow breathing during the work. The site should have the amenities such as the toilets and adequate water supply that will be used.


Building and Construction Company

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Date: January 2, 2018

Subject:  Safety Program for a small construction company.

After contacting the Construction manager of the company about reviewing the safety concerns that should be employed in the construction sites to ensure that there is work ethics and the safety of the workers while at work I received positive feedback from him. Implementation of the safety policies requires all the stakeholders to take part from the managerial position to the workers. Prevention of any accidents that can occur is the first concern when the safety policy is being written. The policy should cover all the aspects that affect the working conditions on the construction site.

There should be training for the workers on how their safety and health training that is needed while at work. There should be the orientation of new employees to the working ethics and practices at the construction. Safety policies, rules, and procedures should be laid in a way that every party will understand the work environment. The supervisors have significant roles in ensuring that there is the safe handling of the equipment, toxic chemicals, and tools using the recommended clothing.


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Demirkesen, S., & Arditi, D. (2015). Construction safety personnel's perceptions of safety training practices. International Journal of Project Management, 33(5), 1160-1169.

SAMUEL, C., & MUNAGALA, V. (2016). Establishing the Baseline for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in a Construction Company. Int J Earth Sci Eng, 894-897.

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