Occupy Movement

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The Occupy Movement is a global sociopolitical movement campaigning against the lack of "true democracy" and social injustices all over the world. Occupy Wall Street is an extension of the larger Occupy Movement. Occupy Wall Street has gotten a lot of attention as it tries to disseminate its message of new forms of democracy and economic and social fairness. The movement conveys its message in a variety of methods, including marches around the world and websites with banners and photos.

One such photograph on the website, which was posted on July 27th, 2016, during the run-up to the United States elections, depicts a multitude of demonstrators marching while waving placards (See Figure 1). The group, comprising both men and women who mostly seem to be whites chanting in protest. One of the placards reads “EITHER WAY, WALL STREET WINS…. FIGHT for a POLITICAL REVOLUTION!” The same placard has the image of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine circled in red and crossed through the center. It sends the message of disapproval of Hillary Clinton’s candidature with Tim Kaine’s as her running mate.

Figure 1: Occupy Wall Street Protests (Occupy Wall Street, 2016)

Through the image, Occupy Movement tries to put across its message of dissatisfaction with the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s in the spirit of the fight for real democracy which is one of the goals of the movement. According to Occupy Wall Street, Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic nomination which was rightfully Bernie Sanders’ and making her a real enemy of the people (Occupy Wall Street). Most of the placards read “BERNIE...FOR PRESIDENT” and the United States flag showing disapproval of Hillary Clinton’s nomination and support for Bernie Sanders.

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May 10, 2023
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