One O'clock Lab Band: Cherokee

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After watching and listening to the “UNT One O'Clock Lab Band: Ray Noble – Cherokee,” I find the performance to be engaging. Some of the reasons which make this performance an engaging performance include; the performance contained listening sequences through which the audience could be able to discern the kind of performance that was being put, this way, they could also be able to follow the flow of the music. The performance can also be said to be engaging because of the way the performers approached the audience; it was clear that the performers understood the kind of audience they were interacting with because of the feedback that can be heard from the audience. The performers owned the show during the performance, the performers put up their best, they did not refer to any text or notes that they had created before, because of this, they were able to get the full attention of the audience while they were performing. During the performance, the performers rivetted the audience with some of their exceptional mastery of various instruments that were used during the performance.

In this performance, I appreciate the way the performing band has organized themselves, and they knew what they needed to do at a particular time. Through this aspect, the performers were able to get the interest of the people, and they were also able to get some responses from the audience during their performance. The performers use this aspect of performance in making sure that the audience gets a different feel of their music. The responses that they receive are also essential as this allows the performers to understand how the audience is feeling about their music.

October 05, 2023

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