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The primary goal of this paper is to produce an essay comparing the best and worst methods for measuring performance. A thorough examination of why these measures are the best and worst will be provided. Performance can be defined as the process or activity of carrying out a specific function.

One of the most difficult responsibilities is analyzing employee performance. According to this research report, there are three approaches for determining employee performance. Employee comparisons are the most effective technique to gauge performance (Aamodt, 2014). This is one of the simplest ways to assess employee performance. It involves categorizing the employees by comparing them (Cascio, 2015). This measure does evaluate employee performance by rating them on an individual scale.

Some of the measures that can be used to compare one employee with the other include their depended ability on other people to accomplish their tasks, their knowledge and quality of output. Some of the employees do have full knowledge and require assistance to complete their tasks while others are fully equipped (Cascio, 2015). Some have Knowledge on a high end and the output given is commendable. This measure/method is the best since the process of analysis is very easy and does not consume a lot of time. Getting the required answers/results is also fast and reliable.

The Worst method/measure based on the research was categorizing the employees based on the frequency of their desired behaviors (Aamodt, 2014). In this case; it is important to note the fact that behaviors are rated on the frequency that they are likely to occur. This measure requires the supervisor to follow the employees so that they can categorize them as whether “always,” “almost always,” “Often,” “Seldom,” or “never” In relation to Company rules and Policies. This is the Worst method since it gives the supervisor a hectic time. They have to be on their toes each minute (Cascio, 2015). The employees also lack freedom while carrying out their activities; this makes them work under a lot of pressure causing them to give poor quality results in the end.


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G. Aamodt, M. (2014). Industrial Organizational Psychology An Applied Approach. Boston: Cengage Learning.

April 19, 2023

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