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Patriotism is the most admirable trait that people can provide for their nations. It is a mental state in which individuals strive to liberate their native lands by demonstrating a willingness to surrender their own rights in order to achieve the benefit of the country. Patriots have a deep urge to provide about the feelings of others without actually receiving much in return. Acts of patriotism also differ from one location to the next; for example, after the September 11th terrorist attacks in America, many people wished to join the Army in order to combat terrorism. This implies that the Americans who wanted to enroll into the military became selfless to ensure that their country is secure. Other US citizens donated blood while others wore the country’s flag colors to indicate their loyalty to the nation. Undeniably, patriotism means one’s love and devotion towards the mother-land; people naturally develop associations with their respective nations and with the people they live with. Love for a nation often requires that individuals make sacrifices. Firstly, patriotism demand that the actors are virtuous citizens that are law-abiding and that ultimately continue to vouch for the country’s good. In essence, patriotism exhorts people to rise above their selves and do something good to their countries even if it means giving up one’s life for the common good.

When people of a nation become patriots and endeavor to rise up towards attaining the expected nobility, they ought to cultivate desirable qualities about the nation and the people they live with. The first quality describing patriotism is being selfless and self-sacrificing leading to scrapping off low and mean feeling. A country that upholds and respects other people irrespective of their origin implicates a people that can be described as patriots. In the respective country, the immigrants regardless of color, race, and religion, they are regarded as people of the soil and treated without discrimination or prejudice. In so doing, the spirit of patriotism is served where the moral and social systems are developed to bolster nobility not only to the citizens, but also to serve and act as an inspiration to the non-citizens. In so doing, sincerity of purpose compels the citizens to create a social welfare that maintains glory and honor.

Patriots often build the pillars of their nation and then lift them high to the sky. In fact, patriotism allows people to work even in circumstances where they are discouraged by the ordinary individuals. For instance, soldiers are always ready to defend their country in peril; they lay down their own lives to vindicate the country’s honor. For example, Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Pakistan Prime Minister never hesitated to shed even his blood towards serving his country. Additionally, Joan of Arc despite being a youngster also fought tirelessly for the History of France where she led the army to victory. Indeed, patriotism ensures a broad outlook implicating that a person should rise above oneself to prefer the interests of the country as opposed to own desires.

Further, patriotism encapsulates the respect accorded to native history; an essential and a natural way to be aware of the important facts regarding the past of a nation. This is because people learn fascinating and new facts that are an epitome of average persons, the success and failures, their lifestyle, and to realize what it costs to ensure a prosperous nation that is stable and convenient for other people. Indeed, devotion towards the nation’s traditions is not that love showcased to the nation’s territory, but rather the patriotic feeling of respect to the people that have contributed to the growth and peace eminent in the state.

Loyalty to one’s country is guided by several principles including coming together to assure common good (Reich 1). Here, people of a nation are required to always come together to solve problems that face their country; when these people gather, they put the interests of the state first before their own. The aspect of patriotism also demands that people pay taxes without evading and become politically active to make sure that they improve their motherland. Preservation, fortification, and protection, of the country’s democracy are also called for towards making sure that the nation is stable. In this case, individuals safeguard their democracy and work towards ensuring that the values and traditions are respected. In addition, patriots do not safeguard religion and race, but celebrate togetherness within their motherland. Furthermore, upholding patriotism fosters peace and health among individuals.

True patriotism allows people to serve their countries to the best of the capacities. They do anything to ensure that their nations are stable and that people work towards a share goal. Patriotic individuals make sure that they put the interest of their nation first even at a point of giving up their lives. Patriotism makes people selfless and self-sacrificing. Accordingly, they embody togetherness, pay taxes, protect their democracy, and celebrate togetherness. Indeed, the most important thing is that is the live for a country and does not implicate hatred for other nations. Most importantly, the aspect of self-sacrifice needs extension to the whole society and patriotism has to teach people how to love and serve humanity.

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August 09, 2021


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