Paul Cézanne - A Study in Still Life, Self-Portrait, and Self-Portrait

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French painter Paul Cézanne is an outstanding example of a Post-Impressionist artist. His work paved the way for a new age of art in the 20th century. His landscapes, still life, and self-portraits are all great examples of his style and range.

Still life

A still life is a simple painting that includes ordinary household objects and is considered an art form. It has been copied by artists throughout the centuries. Despite its simplicity, it is full of visual interest and offers an insight into the artist's process. By using a series of questions, students can get a deeper understanding of Cezanne's work. These questions can help students see the shapes and forms in the still life. They can also help them notice the different colour choices that Cezanne used in his painting.

In his essay "Painting From Nature," Cezanne writes that "painting from nature is not about copying objects, but about realizing our own sensations." Paul Cezanne's Still Life with Apples reflects this view of nature. He was fascinated by color, light, pictorial space, and the way we perceive objects.


After graduating from the Academie Suisse, Cezanne struggled to find his footing in the world of art. He tended to focus on figurative subjects, especially portraits, and he was often rejected from Salon exhibitions and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. As a result, Cezanne spent most of his adult years in the countryside, painting landscapes and still lifes of the Provencal countryside.

While Cezanne's landscapes are not masterpieces, they are highly detailed, bold, and evocative of the outdoor environment. The artist's study of natural elements and rural architecture allows his paintings to portray the serenity of the countryside in the late 19th century. These works are also composed of bold lines that cause the viewer's eye to move around the composition.


Paul Cezanne's Self-portray is a powerful work of art. Painted in 1875, it shows Cezanne's unique style and inner strength. The features of the face emphasize the artist's intellect and artistry, and the layers of color and texture create a sense of space and true volume.

The painting is one of the most important works of art in the history of modern art. It is a masterpiece of self-portraiture, and one of the best known works by the French master. Cezanne's Self-portrait is an example of his work that illustrates the influence of self-portraiture on the development of modern art.

Self-portrait in L'Estaque

Despite the title of his self-portrait, the work shows a very different picture of the artist. The work hints at the fact that the artist had moved beyond the traditional figurative tradition. Rather than painting a lone figure, he opted to paint many people in groups of three.

Paul Cezanne's first known self-portrait dates from the early 1860s. He had been studying painting at the Academie Suisse in Paris with Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Achille Emperaire. This painting, a self-portrait painted from a photograph, shows a brooding figure with blood-red accents. This early self-portrait also shows the artist's experiments in colour and modelling.

Painting style

Paul Cezanne's painting style is quite different to that of most other modern artists. Rather than concentrating on capturing an object, he decided to create paintings that evoke the sense of light and colour. In his early work, he often included large, heavy figures in a landscape, but as he became more mature, his works became more light and airy.

His paintings of still lifes exhibited a marked departure from his earlier works, especially in the 1880s. The compositions, which lacked linear perspective, were large and oversized, which created a sense of inner balance. Cezanne painted these still-lifes in his studio, arranging the objects in a manner that suggested movement and dynamism. The subjects, ranging from jugs to pots to plates and putto, were usually surrounded by a white tablecloth.


Critics often place Cezanne's work at the beginning of Cubism. Yet the artist has transcended this early period and gone beyond the traditional figurative tradition. This article considers some of Cezanne's critics' most common errors and suggests a new way of looking at his work.

Cezanne's paintings are influenced by the natural world. Many of his works feature landscapes and mountain scenes. The artist spent most of his life in Provence, and in the early 1860s, he moved to Paris. He hung out with the impressionists, as well as with the more advanced artists of the time. His works used dark pigments and emphatic brushstrokes. They also featured "difficult" and "personal" subjects.

Rejection of Ecole des Beaux-Arts

Paul Cezanne attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris but was rejected. He attended a free academy in the meantime and became inspired by the works of old masters. However, his father strongly opposed him choosing an artistic career and convinced him to attend law school instead. Paul Cezanne studied law for many years but was unable to give up painting altogether. He did not return to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts until 1861.

During this time, Cezanne began drawing lessons and developed a friendship with a local painter, Loubon. He also attended the Academie Suisse, a private school that promoted Realism. Cezanne met Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edouard Manet while at this school.

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