Performance of Wind Symphony Band

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Successful music concerts and performances involve an array of factors brought together before and during the actual performance (Kantor, 2004). Last year’s performance by Wind Symphony band was one colorful event. It took the efforts of the organizers to set the whole auditorium in the manner that would make the sound be on an audible spectrum. The projections of the voices and the instrumentals were great. No single person in the auditorium would complain of not getting the sound. Unlike most of the concerts which would have problems of transmitting the music to every corner of the hall, this particular one had a superb arrangement of the all the instruments on stage for proper projection of sound.

Apart from the discernible arrangement of the musical instruments, it is imperative to have a timbre that is of good quality (Lubbock, 1957). The lead conductor had an apt ingenious in conducting all the instrumentalists such that every single instrument was apparent. There is always great aesthetic in performance where all the devices are distinct from the others. However, at some point, there was a mix-up of the different sounds making it difficult for an individual to comprehend which particular instrument was playing. Nevertheless, the conductor managed to take control and led the band in the right performance. It is equally important to note that there was an excellent crescendo, though, at some point, it became extreme hurting to the ears. It will better to have adequate control of the volume range in the future performances to avoid dissonance.

Similarly, the vocal range of the vocalist was a superb one. The voices were harmonic, and the audience was pleased by the consonance. The presence of harmony in the band’s performance is attributable to the fact that the conductor had a good mastery of the voices from the band members. The crescendo, as well as the decrescendo patterns in the performance, impacted the audience to a level where most of them fell in love with the performance as underlined by the attempts to sing along with the performance of their favorite tunes.

Live music does not solely rely on the musical instruments and the instrumentalists for its success, but the whole context of performance (Elliot, 2008). The wind symphony band had beautiful costumes. It made the entire group to look neat and appealing to the audience. Furthermore, the stage lights and ambiance made all the members of the team visible from one end of the stage to the other end. A lively performance would even attract more audience to attend (Bordman, 1978). It is one of the things that made this particular performance a great one. With a team of energetic band members, the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Conversely, part of the audience at the back of the hall was not able to view the stage, and it made them struggle to see what was going on at the arena. It is an essential need to have a prior arrangement to have enough space for the audience for all of them have a view of the scene and the band members.

In conclusion, the performance was a good one. However, there are some of the areas that need to be improved. One of such area is the dissonance. Part of the performance was out of tune especially when the crowd cheered them. There is dire need to have band members’ focus on the performance while at the stage and avoid disruption from the audience. This band had a good performance and presentation, in fact, were it not for the few shortcomings such as the sound dissonance.

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October 05, 2023

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