Personal and Professional use of Social Media in ASCE Code Ethics

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Engineers are practitioners who design, invent, build and put the machine to the test. Structures and other materials, engineers are perceived differently by the public according to their work they carry on, at the same time are mostly guided by the ASC and ethics that is supposed to be followed strictly to ensure their professionals does not affect the public.

The world has turned more influenced with improved contact as well as the use of the websites and the equipment of the social media. Some of the examples of social networks are such Google, Facebook, blogs such type pad, word press, along with blogs that are micro such as Tumblr and Twitter are all categories of devices of social media that makes the people in connecting and sharing information in an online space.  The society makes use of social devices in reporting news, presenting opinions as well as seeks chat by their domains or the websites that are devoted. This online communication, further enabled through enhances of networked tables, and Smartphone internet usage poses capabilities for personal and professional lives in crossing social medial breathing space (Houghton & Joinson, 2010).

There is a consideration that is focused on the challenges that are ethical on social media in the practice of professional with the customer, making use of social media in the intention of expanding of the research as well as learning inline. Moreover, the communication within the correct use of social media, away from the relationship of the professional customer is not available. A great emphasis is required for the need to advise the youths as well as putting rules under principled usage of social media along with the impacts of individual utilize of social networking between specialized connections (Houghton & Joinson, 2010). The paper concerns the creation of international online personas as well as the effects of the use social media in the process of combination of private and experienced lives. Therefore, public employees have to be conscious of the creative personality as well as maintaining the dominion of the social network sites due to the social media as well as the regulations. The different uses and forms of the social networking are argued in giving a layout of advantages and disadvantages of the social media. Also, an outline of principled reflection is discussed and the recommendations on putting moral codes for private and professional of social media usage.

Uses and Forms of Social Networking Sites

Even though the variety and the functions of social networks sites are regularly altering, microblogs, blogs as well as the social website had verified to be a number of the high famous social networking sites devices above many days (Qian & Scott, 2007). Further social network devices like sharing of the pictures, visual world games, along with the information management sites, can be acknowledged to be different used devices but are still significant to consider when putting ethical codes.

Blog and Microblog

A blog is a journal that is used through the internet of individual’s expressions, judgments, as well as remarks. While the content of the microblog may as well contain individual interpretations, reviews, and remarks but in a style that is condensed. Blogs are used professionally and personally with the intention of expressing different views, markets goods and services, give political observations, or distribute as well as broadcast information for enlightening functions. Blogs can be made open or confidential in selecting groups or people (Qian & Scott, 2007).

Social Network

This is an online space where individuals construct a first outline permitting them in sharing information and forming associations. Social networking sites like Google or Facebook enhances the chance for networking through rendering a customer to broader and hence creating connections that may not by any chance appear (Boyd & Ellison, 2007).

Further social media devices

There is a lot of existence of other devices that social workers and others make use of interaction through websites. In describing all of them would be outside the scope of this paper. Therefore some of the devices are highlighted to give the extra information in understanding the degree of social media devices for creation of attractive societies (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). The process of sharing of pictures sites like Fliker enables an individual in posting as well as sharing photos to the people. Pictures would be shared extensively or only by exact individuals.

Ethical Considerations

Devices of social media enable social employees in building social networks continually. Online systems always contain associates, formal friends, and classmates, along with the family members. In the actual life, these websites would separate, but if these words should be unlined, it will collide in ways that are unforeseen. This is particularly proper with the websites like Facebook or Twitter that were formed to join together social networking sites. Consequently, public employees want of regulations and strategies which help in the employing of moral of social media devices (Qian & Scott, 2007).


How Might Use of Social Media Affect Public Perception of Civil Engineers?

The exercise of social network sites can influence public perception of civil engineers through a qualitative workshop that is used to acquire the insight into participants' understanding of engineers and the work that they carry on. When the image of an engineer is described by the responded, there is a description of non-manual and manual professions and I very much affected by the type of demographic features, for example, human grade or gender that they perceive the engineer to have (Edwin, 1971).  For the engineers who are associated with the manual work, they require few qualifications which are also looked upon more than that of the working class. On the other hand, non-manual engineers are regarded as moderately of the upper class, and they require a degree level of qualification. Engineering is inclined to be perceived as the male-controlled profession even though it is not collective. It is not well explained why this kind of perception, although it is joined engineering and science as male-dominated areas.

What Are Potential Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Social Media, In The Context Of Ethics?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Engineers working within the set codes, they can provide a favorable environment for the public, and this even makes the country safer. These ethics are punishable if broken by the engineers. Therefore, this ensures that work is maximized and the best job in done without much supervision of their managers. On the other hand, going against the ethics of engineering is punishable, these workers are mostly subjected to a lot of pressure during the working time hence makes it difficult to deliver the best work (Picazo et al., 2012). They are working within the set patterns which make them feel oppressed.

How Does The Current ASCE Code Of Ethics Address This Topic?

Most of the current engineering code of morals states that engineers must embrace principal of health and safety of the public. Ethics goes typically past the ethical egoism. The principle says that engineer should put public interest before any other attention that seems to go against their interest. The terms of their contract allow the engineers to follow guidelines and guidelines of morals rather than working on their self-absorption, the public will be better off as well as the general will have a better place to live in (Vesiliind, 1998).

Are Any Changes To The ASCE Code Of Ethics Necessary To Address The Use Of Social Media?

Yes, social media is directly attached to the ethics and codes of engineers and other professionals (Vesiliind, 1998). The Committee on Professional Conduct always reviews and investigates the complaints that relate to the rules and the procedure of engineering. Any violation of the changes made in the ASCE codes and ethics faces disciplinary actions, and the recommendations are sent to the ASCE's Executive committee for direction.


In conclusion, ASC and ethics of engineers play an essential part in ensuring work is done as per the rules and regulations. It helps the public to be safe because the rules are strictly followed to ensure no error is made. Therefore, there is an interest to the creation of international online personas as well as the effects of the use social media in the process of combination of private and experienced lives


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