personal computing greatest risk

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Great technical advances in the last few decades have made life in the twenty-first century more bearable. Governments all over the world have made attempts to improve the growth and implementation of technology among the population. This has seen widespread adoption, especially in information and communication technology. Computing machines, such as personal computers, are among the most widely used types of information technology. However, using such instruments poses a number of problems, the most important of which are security threats. This paper addresses the most serious security vulnerability to personal computers.

The threat of hacking and destroying confidential personal information is the most serious security threat to personal computing. Most users keep private information on their computers such as home and work addresses and social security numbers. Computers also contain plenty of personal files such as photographs, personal mails and other such sensitive stuff. All this information could be harmful to the user if they fall in the wrong hands. With great technological advancements has come great knowledge among computer users. Information technology experts have taken great strides in developing systems that can manipulate information communication technology to gain access to private data. This has created the challenge of hacking, with experts having the capability to access personal data at will. Great security measures must thus be put in place when using personal computers to avoid the risk of hacking and having private personal data and information fall in the wrong hands.

Thus, in my opinion, to ensure user security in personal computing, users must take measures to heighten their security. Firstly, there should be a clear separation of personal computing and professional computing, with functions carried out on work computers clearly separated from functions carried out on personal computers. Folders containing sensitive personal information must be fitted with proper security measures such as saving them in zipped format.

December 08, 2022


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