Personality and Developmental Theories

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A child's relationship with their caregiver has a big impact on their future. It will almost certainly influence how they behave, engage, and associate with others. My relationship with my parents was a mix of intimate and inadequate; I never spent enough time with them because they were busy and focused more on business than on family. This hover hurt me since our relationship was fraught with emotions, uneasiness, and lack of assurance.

Influence on me

Because my self-esteem was poor, it influenced how I interacted with others.

 I found it hard engaging in open challenge discussions with my peers, standing up for myself and consequently, it created a deep desire to have that gap filled, I found myself associating with older friends than my peers.

Relationship with my Children

My relationship with my parents was conditional, and consequently, I look forward to having unreserved relationships with my generation, since I lacked it, I make it intentional to teach, give more time to my children, reassure and bond with them, and have such an attachment that will make our relationship unwavering.


Maslow (1950) argues that ‟one must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing to meet higher level growth. Once it has been reasonably satisfied, ne may be able to reach the highest level called self-actualization,” for instance, divorce, separation from loved ones, losing your job can lead an individual to vary between these hierarchy levels. I have been affected due to my self-esteem, and it is one characteristic I can be related with, because I have failed to actualize fully, as my society promotes incentives based on love, esteem and other social needs.


Maslow, A.H. (1950). Self-actualizing people: A study of psychological health. Personality, Symposium, 1, 11-34.

April 26, 2023




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