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The goal of my presentation is to persuade my audience to see a psychologist at least once a year.
Thesis statement: Mental and physical health can be maintained and improved by seeing a psychologist. This encourages life's intimacy and honesty.
Attention step:
What would you do if you were told it was possible to understand your mental health condition? Would you go to someone who can prevent you from developing a mental illness or provide treatment for a mental illness if you knew they existed? What will you do if you are unaware that you are suffering from a mental illness? What will you do to a neighbor or family member who is suffering from the psychiatric problem? How much are you willing to give in order to have good mental health? Well, I am here to specifically tell you that it is possible to prevent, control and cure mental illnesses. Some of the experiences in life that drive individuals to visit a psychologist include trauma, difficulty in overcoming thoughts and the recurrent headaches which cannot be explained. Other symptoms are stomach-aches, an immune system that is running down, use of substances in order to cope-up, experiencing annoying response from work and a strained relationship (Howes 1).

Would you like to know the importance of having a healthy mind? Would you wish to know how to achieve a stable mental condition? We feel really bad if we are not able to share our psychological depressions; especially an abuse that has happened in the past. This may culminate and become a source of problems. A visit to a therapist will enable psychodynamic treatment that is durable for so many years. Consolidation will lead to positive gain over a period of time. This will enable you to reflect, think, and express your feelings after treatment procedures. This process of visiting a therapist enables you to internalize hence propelling self-therapy while the actual therapies cease to exist. Visiting a mental health officer prevents conscious unawareness and buried feelings which may lead to headaches, stomach aches, ulcers, and sleeping problems (Walton 2).

Based on the survey presented, eleven people have suspected themselves to be suffering from mental disabilities including anxiety and depression. Out of 9 women, only 2 have sought help from the professionals. Men have rarely visited a professional with quite a number of them not being aware of the existing difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist. Today, I firmly stand here to propose unto each of you the need to pay a visit to the psychologist; at least once in a year. Based on my own experience, and the research that I have done concerning the benefits of visiting a psychologist, I am highly convinced and will strongly and courageously persuade you to take up the task and visit this professional. I will explain in a short while the importance of visiting a psychologist; not only to your benefit but also to that of your neighbors and family members.

Need step:

According to the documents that you filled, I realized that only one out of seventeen people knew that they could suffer from psychiatric problems. Five considered it to be an occasional problem.

It is very important to visit a psychologist for there is a high possibility of suffering from mental illness unknowingly (Cordob 2).

This is an opportunity for you to learn how frequent you are prone to suffer from mental illnesses.

According to the report concerning the terminology given to conditions, 9 women knew anxiety and depression while only 2 men knew about anxiety. In this regard, it is very important for men to frequently visit the professionals. Women need to do the same because as much as they are aware about this subject, they do not necessarily show deep concern.

The survey indicates that despite the response you gave concerning the identification of mental illness, both men and women did not visit the psychologist. Due to this:

A majority of you have no idea about the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

12 people do not know if they can be able to get help from psychologists. This is an important opportunity for them to pay a visit for personal experience.

Another report from you concerning your experience with psychiatric care indicates that 14 people have never had any experience with the mental healthcare providers.

For this group of individuals, it is my plea that you consider visiting a psychologist. This will enable you to gain an experience and understanding that has been missed.

For those of you who have had experience visiting a psychologist, it will not be of harm to make another visit to a psychologist. Remember, it is all for the sake of your mental health.

Some of the reasons for your failure to visit the professionals according to the report given are:

Fear - Five of you are afraid of mental instability stigma. Nonetheless, according to me, this should not be the case because I believe it is better to know ones condition and take the necessary treatment before it gets worse.

Six members are in for the idea that therapy does not necessarily help. I challenge you to go and give it a try.

Six people don't know what they can say about therapy. I believe that by the end of this presentation, your understanding concerning on therapy will change. This will convince and convict you to pay a visit to a psychologist.

The report also states that many of you have no conviction to pay a visit due to uncertainty.

Satisfaction step:

Visiting a psychologist involves collaborating with a professionally trained and licensed psychiatrist who has the ability to guide you in understanding and exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in a confidential and supportive setting. This process will enable you to cope up very effectively with some of the concerned issues, make changes that are meaningful to your mental health, and achieve great satisfaction in life.

Therapy is meant for all age groups, families, as well as couples. Some of the areas covered are:

Abuse: physical, sexual, and emotional

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)

Conflict and anger management

Asperger's and disorders of autism spectrum

Depression and other disorders of the mood

Challenges of LGBTQ etc.

According to my own experience, a psychologist is able to help you find the puzzling questions for you and your loved ones. Adults, adolescents, and children are assessed and diagnosed. Proper treatment is later recommended. Therapists are professionals in assessing problems related to learning, disorder deficit attention (both for children and adults), and disability developments. Such disorders include the autistic spectrum and Asperger's, emotional and behavioral issues that can affect relationships and goals for the future. Therapists can offer psycho-educational support to couples that may be experiencing challenges of emotional infertility (Associates in Health Psychology 46).

What are your feelings when you are disappointed or angry or offended?

From my experience, a psychologist will help you understand why you feel like you always do. Weird thoughts are also incorporated. You shall be helped to modify the unproductive insane thoughts and conducts to enable you achieve your goals.

If the people around you give expressions such as; you are crazy!! And are you normal? , then this should alarm you to pay a visit to a psychologist.

Contrary to this, I would advise not to wait until you are asked such questions. You may have a strange feeling that you don't understand Please visit the professionals before it is late.

A psychologist has gone through professional training to help people like you.

Visiting a psychologist will help in the general improvement of one’s health. I believe that having a bad feeling is not good for your health. Things like anxiety, chronic stress or depression not only affect the mind, but also the physical body. This comprises of IBS, back pain, diabetes, heart disease and much more.

Visualization step:

Imagine how you will feel when the troubles of your thoughts are cleared by just visiting a psychologist. How happy it will be to have your mentally ill child get rehabilitated by just visiting a psychologist. Think of the sleepless nights that you have been having due to anxiety that can just end by visiting a psychologist and sharing out your feelings. Think of the number of diseases that you will be able to prevent by just visiting a psychologist. Picture yourself having a stress free life enabling you to achieve your objectives without stress. Imagine a situation where you are being isolated from the family members because of your mental illness that ought to have been solved by just visiting a psychologist. Think about the names that you have been called because of what you have been going through. All this naming can just end by visiting the professionals. Picture a situation where you save your family from distress, your employment, and objectives in life because you took an initiative to visit the psychologist.

Action step:

Today I have given an explanation of the importance of visiting a psychologist and the benefits that you gain. I have assured you of the level of professionalism that the psychologists hold. As you have seen they can handle pretty much all your mental issues. I believe this speech has educated you on the importance of psychologists. Having convinced and convicted you to pay a visit to a psychologist, I am sure a different perception will be gained.

. Therefore, all that I am requesting is the need to cultivate a positive attitude towards these professionals. A visit at least once a year won’t hurt. It is all for the advantage of your mental and physical health. The visit will make a difference between you and other people. It will be evident in how you handle your issues when you are stressed or depressed. An experience from a visit will enable you find freedom; in sharing your issues and feeling relief in the soul. I believe such information will save you from hurting your family members as well as spending a lot of money for treatment. How many have learnt something today? How many feel challenged on how they have neglected their mental health care? How many make a decision that from today they will pay a visit to the psychologists at least once in a year?

Thank you for your attention.


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