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Peter Skrzynecki is a poet from Australia. He is of Polish and Ukrainian origin. His work has been published in a wide range of languages. He has won several awards for his poetry and prose. In addition, he has a wide range of fans. He was born in Australia, but was raised in Poland. He is considered to be one of the most influential poets of his generation.


Australian poet Peter Michael Skrzynecki was born in 1943. He is of Ukrainian and Polish descent. His poetry is often thought to be about the human condition and the meaning of life. He has won numerous awards for his poetry, including the prestigious Miles Franklin Award. Here are some of his most memorable poems:


Peter Skrzynecki is an Australian poet, novelist, and short story writer. Born in Germany in 1945, he emigrated to Australia with his parents in 1949. His writing focuses on his experiences in a New England one-teacher school called Jeogla, a place similar to Walden for Henry David Thoreau. There, he discovered the importance of self-reliance and a new sense of freedom. His autobiography also touches on family tragedy and broken promises.

Family life

Despite having a diverse family history, Peter Skrzynecki's early years were shaped by a difficult childhood. His parents were Polish-Ukrainian immigrants who emigrated to Australia in 1949. Peter was raised in a small rural town, where he attended the local Catholic primary school. His adoptive father, Brian Couch, was a labourer for the Water Board, and the couple married in 1949.


Peter Skrzynecki is an award-winning Australian poet. He has published over fifteen books of poetry and prose, and has been awarded numerous literary prizes. He has won the Grace Leven Poetry Prize, the Captain Cook Bicentennial Award, and the Henry Lawson Short Story Award. He has also taught various literature courses at universities and colleges throughout the country. His most recent book, Immigrant Chronicle, is one of his most influential works.

Travelling Among the Stars collection

The Travelling Among the Stars collection of poetry by Peter Skrzynecki explores the themes of childhood, the realization of the role of parents, and the acceptance of impermanence. These poems are deeply personal and thoughtful, evoking feelings of longing, loneliness, and acceptance of nature. Travelling Among the Stars will resonate with readers of all ages and all walks of life.

Poem 'The guaranteed clock'

The guaranteed clock by Peter Skrzyneck is a collection of short stories and poems. Born in Poland, Skrzynecki immigrated to Australia in 1949 with his parents. They arrived on the General Blatchford, and were interned for two weeks in the Bathurst migrants' camp. In 1951, they moved to the Regents Park Migrant Centre in central-western New South Wales. Skrzynecki was an adoptive son of Polish parents, who stayed in Australia to raise their children.

Poem 'Immigrant Chronicle'

The poem 'Immigrant Chronicle' by Australian poet Peter Skrzynecki explores the concepts of belonging and culture. Through various perspectives, the poem explores the meaning of belonging, including that of family, school, workplace, religious and sporting groups. The poet employs literary techniques such as personification, symbolism, imagery and direct speech to illustrate his exploration of these concepts.

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