Philosophy of Early Childhood Development

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It's my word. In July 2014, I received a Bachelor of Public Administration degree in Accounting from Booth School of Business. However, I later wanted to extend my career prospects, and because I have an interest in children and learning how to grow them, I decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education in Advanced Behaviour Analysis from Loyola University in Chicago. As a result, I plan to become an occupational specialist and a licensed primary school teacher.
Supporting families who I can represent is a vital aspect of my career program. One major way that I intend to help families is by improving my know-how in regards to familiarizing myself with services available around the families` local area. I also intend to protect the children under my care by limiting activities available for their participation and only expose them to educative activities that will build their communication skills and expand their intellectual ability (Britto et al., 2017). I will also give out awards to improving and best performing children as I encourage families of the children to take part in discussion forums concerning their development, to help them enhance their capabilities, as well as motivate their efforts. Here in Chicago for instance, this would involve connecting the children and their families to regional centers that coordinate community resources such as diagnostic services in an effort to help families of children with developmental delays or physical and mental disabilities.

My ideal early childhood learning environment vision would be friendly to both children and adults. I would communicate and publicize state regulations and rules for all staff members and parents to see. Besides, the work of the children will be regularly posted in front of the classrooms for parents to have an understanding of what is being taught as well as be aware of the progress of their children. To improve the classroom experience, I would incorporate exercises that help the children build and apply their self-confidence as well as assist them in nurturing and developing personal interactions (Richter et al., 2017). Hence, the classroom environment would create an opportunity for all children to take part in the teaching and learning process through sharing experiences and opinions.

Personally, the opportunities for professional development that I will involve in to update my knowledge and skills would be taking part in different local and state organized training courses, attend on the job training as well as get conversant with any changes in the rules and regulations of my state. Besides, I would also join community study groups and tour facilities from other states to get more ideas on various activities that I can introduce in my institution.

As applied to my career goals and vision of early childhood development, my ethical responsibility to children would first and foremost be to act in their best interest. Thus, apart from ensuring that all students in the facility are well taken care of, I will work collectively with parents and other educators to make sure that we consider the interests of every child. I will also ensure that every child develops a vision of their future careers which is fostered by a permanency of spiritual, cultural, and moral values (Efevbera, McCoy, Wuermli, & Betancourt, 2017). Lastly, I will carefully exemplify the highest ethical standards and emphasize the fact that every child, regardless of family status has a right to quality education.


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July 24, 2021
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