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Question 1. The rate light reaction of photosynthesis can be measured comparing the bubbles produced from the solution sodium hydrogen carbonate. The more bubbles produced shows the amount of oxygen produced during the process of photosynthesis.

Question 2. B. Unboiled = Dark ˃ Boiled.

      In question 3, In the Unboiled leaf, photosynthesis occurred resulting in a stable amount of starch in the foliage. In the boiled leaf the chlorophyll molecules were destroyed together of other leaf cells. The amount of carbohydrate which was synthesized during the light reaction remained retained. The cells of the leaf were killed hence no respiration occurred. The foliage in the dark recorded decreased amount of starch. This was due to the respiratory process which resulted in the breakdown of glycogen to produce C02 and energy resulting in a low amount of carbohydrate.

In question 4, the line represented by the blue line was the light treated leaf. The decrease in the amount CO2 indicated that it was being consumed in the synthesis of starch. The red line represents the dark stage treatment of the leaf. The amount of CO2 increased progressively indicating the starch breakdown using oxygen.

           In question 5, during light treatment, photosynthesis occurs actively using the light from the sun and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and starch. In the dark stage, there is no light making the plants to undergo respiration. This breakdown is meant to produce energy and carbon dioxide.

         In question 6, Light breaks down water molecules a process is known as photolysis producing electrons. DPIP receives these elections and becomes reduced forming a colorless solution resulting in increased transmittance measured using the spectrophotometer. In the absence of light, there are no electrons and the DPIP not reduced hence the solution remains blue and reduced transmittance. The rate of formation of a colorless solution formation indicates the rate of photosynthesis.

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