Poet Laureate, Author, and Playwright Joy Harjo

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Joy Harjo is an American poet, musician, author, and playwright. She served as the 23rd United States Poet Laureate, becoming the first Native American to hold that position. She also served three terms as Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry. She lives in New York City. Her poems have been translated into many languages. Harjo was also awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2012.

For a Girl Becoming

For a Girl Becoming is the debut novel by American poet, playwright, and cultural activist Joy Harjo. She is the author of seven collections of poetry and has also written a children's book, The Good Luck Cat. The book is illustrated by Mercedes McDonald, a prolific illustrator and graphic designer. Her signature style is full of vivid colors and large, pastel figures. In addition to her own work, McDonald has created illustrations for commercial clients and artists including Amy Costales.

Song Language

The solitary journey of a Native artist is not the sole purpose of Joy Harjo's life. Her mother, grandmother, aunt, and grandmother's generation are all artists and writers. When she was eight years old, she wrote her first poem, "Another Song Language," for an all-native rock band. Harjo began writing poetry and art at an early age, despite not having formal education. In the midst of her studies, she was influenced by the Native poetry and art of her culture and by her grandmother.

Crazy Brave

In Crazy Brave, author Joy Harjo, a member of the Muscogee Nation, chronicles her life. She writes about her emotions, memories, dreams, and pain. She writes about her love for her parents and her experience with domestic violence. She shares lessons learned from her past and helps readers to deal with similar experiences. This is a memoir that will move readers to tears. If you're looking for a book to read this summer, Crazy Brave is a great choice.

Poet Warrior

The title of Joy Harjo is a misnomer. Harjo is a poet and a warrior. While the title of her book might suggest that she focuses exclusively on poetry, it is not. Her memoir, Poet Warrior, is an exploration of her personal journey in both areas. In the memoir, she explores the influences of Louisa May Alcott, Federico Garcia Lorca, and the Acoma poet Simon Ortiz. The book is also a look into the poetry of her own people.

Secrets from the Center of the World

The first book in Joy Harjo's Secrets from the Centre of the World won the 1991 American Book Award for best nonfiction book. It was followed by In Mad Love and War, Fishing, and Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings, which documented the lives of Native Americans during the Trail of Tears forced relocation of the Eastern Woodlands Indians in the 1830s. The third book in this collection, An American Sunrise, explores the etymological reliance on the Earth.

Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize

The Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize for Joy Harjo is given to a U.S. poet who has achieved a distinguished career. This award carries a $100,000 cash prize and is given annually by the Poetry Foundation. Founded in 1986, the award is considered one of the nation's most prestigious literary prizes. Harjo's work has been praised for its depth and sensitivity. She draws on the poetic traditions of Native American storytelling, feminist theory, and social justice. Her work incorporates Indigenous symbols and imagery.

An American Sunrise

An American Sunrise is a poem by new United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo. The poem is about the trauma her ancestors experienced and the trauma she inherited. The poem explores themes like religion, family, and addiction. It is an excellent read for people looking to learn about the American experience. An American Sunrise is also an important piece of literature for people who have experienced trauma and change. The poet captures the essence of the American experience in poetry.

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