Population in the next 50 years

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Today's Worrisome Rate of Population Growth

Today, especially in light of the modern world's contribution to the exponential rise of the numbers, it is important to take into account the worrisome rate of population growth. These have had a tremendous impact on the earth's resource base (Hite 26). In today's culture, population growth is attributed to economic growth in most nations, which has increased food security, health care systems, climate, and prosperity. The population growth and how it will change over the next 50 years will be covered in the essay. The film "The Cane Toads" depicts a situation in which an introduction of the amphibian would reduce the menace caused by the sugar cane beetle. However, the rise in population of these toads linked to majorly environmental factors caused the Australian government to find ways to reduce them. This was a perfect illustration of how the environment also contributes to the human population of today and tomorrow. Similarly, according to Alex Steffen, the rise in future population links to the urbanization and therefore, measures should be put in place to design better urban plans.

Population Growth in Less Wealthy Regions

Population growth will occur in the less wealthy regions (Hite 26). Such is because of the age structure in these countries that consist of children below the age of 15 expected to be older and have kids of their own in the coming 50 years. According to Alex Steffen, the future cities will have high densities forcing people to consume less energy as a way of creating a suitable living environment. In the next 50 years, the population in urban areas is expected to have multiplied by a considerable amount, and it will most definitely highly affect developing countries. Movement of young people from rural to urban areas in such nations would result in congestion and poverty since job opportunities are still not that sufficient. The wealthy regions may experience lower population growth rate since, for instance, the birth rates have reduced and still do but are high in poor areas (Hite 26). Some of the emerging countries consider religion and traditions in determining the number of children they should have, this is not the case in other countries that emphasize birth control, hence the population growth difference.

The Impact of Population Growth on Earth's Resources

Such is also the case in the film "The Cane Toads" that increased in number after adapting to the new environment causing adverse effects such as destructive effects on the sugarcane plants in Australia. Similarly, without properly mechanisms to tackle the enormous population in 50 years, it will have devastating effects on the earth's resources because excessive demand results in depletion and deterioration of the environment. Alex Steffen argues that governments should not focus on climate changes, but also, the effects of poor urban planning as a solution to the problem.

Huge Demand and Strain on Earth's Resources

Without proper government intervention by introducing better birth control strategies, in the next 50 years, the overwhelming world's population, especially in developing countries, will lead to a huge demand for employment hence strain on earth resources, poor living conditions, and health issues especially to women and children (Hite 26). On the other hand, in wealthy regions that may experience a slow population growth rate, the effects would be slow growth in the economic conditions due to low production capacity and the demographic transition of the people to a younger generation. Most governments have introduced limits on fertility rates, birth control approaches, and poverty reduction projects aimed at decreasing population growth. Education to women plays a huge role in reducing the expected rise in population in the next 50 years because it discourages the economic incentives of getting many kids.


Population growth continues to become an issue to every country. However, a majority of the people expected to increase in number come from developing countries that experience fewer job opportunities, poverty, and illiteracy. Effects of this would be a strain of the world resources and other social problems like house shortages and crimes. If successful, interventions by governments such as education to women on birth control and increased economic growth that favors poor people may result in reduced population over the next 50 years.

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April 13, 2023


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