Geographical Qualities

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A realm is defined as the primary spatial unit in the world's regionalized structure, and each domain is established by the whole human geography. This encompasses, but is not limited to, the given realm's historical, cultural, economic, and political characteristics. East Asia is the most populous domain, and it is further separated into Asian and Pacific domains. The Pacific realm consists of South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, and there have been proposals to merge them into a single realm. Japan has considered human economic resources in East Asia because of the high living standards of its people and that it finances the Pacific Rim (De Blij, Harm and Peter 9).

Geographical Qualities

East Asia is surrounded by vast deserts, snowcapped mountains, pacific waters and cold climates, and it has one of the oldest civilizations in the form of China (Verstappen 142). The population of the Rim is mostly concentrated on the eastern regions, and the vast rivers of China continue to feed millions.

Are the Geographical Qualities of the Rim Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

The qualities of the rim are advantageous given that its location on the Pacific Rim gives access to ease of interacting with the global economy. South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are located off China's mainland, and this is advantageous given that it leads to the creation of an environment of industrialization which makes the region embrace entrepreneurship.

Is the East Asia Advantageous?

Therefore, from the analysis of the geographical quality of the realm, it is evident that the east Asia rim is advantageous because it gives way for future economic growth.

Geographical Disadvantage

The geographical problem that is experienced in the region is that it is well located to give threats of attacks from Islamic influences and pressure from the minority. There is an economic transformation taking place in China, and this has an effect of creating another pacific rim. Cultural geography deals with studying cultural norms and products and how they vary across areas and spaces. Therefore, it is mainly focused on the description and analysis of how religion, language, government, and the economy are constant from one place to the other and about the spatial nature of human functions. Physical geography deals with studying patterns and processes in the natural environment. This disadvantage in geographical quality is on physical geography.

Region Where Problem is Evident

The geographical disadvantage is evident in China, along with its Pacific frontage. The geography of the east Asia rim has provided other areas with many flashpoints which are possible generators of conflict, and potential regions of attack include North Korea, Taiwan and many islands within the realm.

How Geographical Problem Has Influenced Other Realms

Other realms have been sensitized on the need for adequate preparation to combat any potential threat of attack efficiently. These include the development of new strategies and methods that are useful in fighting these threats.

Solution to the Problem

There is the possibility of East Asia experiencing China as the next superpower, which calls for the need for avoidance of forces that can damage the realm.

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June 12, 2023
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