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In Native America, pow-wows were common social gatherings for many distinct cultures. They were primarily made up of Indians, though other ethnic groups eventually absorbed their cultures. Lynn describes them as an intertribal fusion of the modern and the old in the movie Into The Circle: An Introduction to Native American Pow-Wow. Native American culture was significantly influenced by the pow-wow.

First and foremost, pow-wows were a way for people to socialize. For instance, this was the only opportunity to see a family member who had been married to a member of a different tribe. It enabled enemies to come together and share a moment of truth or truce. Secondly, since Native Americans were accustomed to dull events such as hunting and wars, the pow-wows offered a cheerful atmosphere. They were filled with song, dance, laughter, shouts of joy and color; thus providing the tribes with joy and happiness. They loved music and musical instruments (Levine 18). Further, it was an opportunity for the tribes to exchange skills such as hide tanning, the latest quillwork technique, and hunting methods. This is because they were filled with games of chance that encouraged the losers to learn from the winners. Finally, according to Lynn, the pow-wows were a means of practicing religion. The tribes came together to hold prayer meetings, which facilitated their spiritual uplift.

Overall, it is evident that pow-wows were important in the culture of the Native Americans. Essentially, they preserved the rich heritage of the cultures. They still exist in today’s societies with a majority being found in their native lands such as Oklahoma. Their survival is proof that togetherness is crucial for a community to thrive. Therefore, their ways can be emulated in today’s society to uphold virtues such as peace, harmony, and respect.

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