Purpose of the Research Study

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The article investigates the criminal justice system's response to emerging sexual assault. First, the researchers establish victims' readiness to disclose any type of crime committed against them or others to the authorities. The paper then investigates the numerous outcomes that occur when a sexual case is processed. The emphasis is primarily on the response of criminal justice to both serious and non-serious rape cases, as well as other incidents such as the rape of sexually intimate partners.

Definitions of Operations

The report does not provide operational definitions, however it does include essential terminology such as charging, sexual assault case outcomes, and unfounding.

Study Design

Two types of study designs are employed by the researchers, and they include the meta-analysis and the systematic reviews. In regards to meta-analysis, the researcher has integrated data from different research studies. The findings of research from various studies have been combined, and a conclusion reached. The meta-analysis comes out in the section where the researcher combines the different results when doing the study on the choice to have the crime reported to police.

On the other hand, a systematic review has been employed. In this instance, the researcher assesses and evaluates all the existing research studies in regards to the response of criminal justice system to the arising sexual assault. The researcher has extensively located, assembled and assessed the body of literature in regards to the intervention of criminal justice system to arising sexual assault. The descriptions of the particular topic have been extensively covered using a given set criteria. In this case, all the meta-analysis studies have been pooled together and conclusion derived.

Research Methods

The researcher employs both the quantitative and qualitative research methods in the study. Primarily, the study uses a mixed approach. Qualitative research is often explanatory and helps in understanding the various underlying reasons why a phenomenon occurs. From the research, we can get the results of interviews and observations noted. On the other hand, the study has exhaustively employed the quantitative research method through the various numerical data or data as computed in the tables.


The researcher finds that the criminal justice response to intimate partner abuse tends to hold that it is not a crime but rather a private matter. It is also concluded that even though there are the rape law and the reforms with it, sexual assaults that involve strangers is investigated comprehensively.


In conclusion, comparing the crimes that involve strangers to those that include acquaintances or intimate partners, the researcher finds that police and prosecutor tend to agree so readily on the degree of the charges to be labelled on them. Further, the crimes involving strangers often result in arrest and harsher punishments compared to those involving intimate partners.


The researcher recommends that more studies to be carried regarding the issue of decision making by the police mainly those that concern unfound charges and in instances where the suspect has to be identified as well as the decision of clearing a case with an arrest. The researcher advocates for both qualitative and quantitative studies with emphasis on the response of criminal justice system as well as the ones that concern intimate partner sexual assault. The researcher also wants to see that there be need for systematic assessment of particular groups to assess and prosecute sexual assault.

April 06, 2023
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