Quaestions About The VC

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Based on the material discussed in this segment, what questions would you ask the founders of the company before making a decision on your funding? What kind of responses will please you?
I have substantial details about the firm; all in all, I would like you to tell me more about the organization's existing fund.
From this question, I should expect the founders to reply with the size of the fund, the time it was raised, the remaining contribution by the current date, and the balance for the follow-on investment. The founders should also consider whether the company has seen exits from the fund and whether it has a certain trend or stage of focus. From the recent few investments that the firm has done, can you inform me about the dynamics?

I could expect the founders to include their check size, whether they led or followed another precedent and the time that the process takes from the initial meeting to the funding decision.

How does your firm make decisions?

From the decision-making question, I expect the founders to include generic dialogue about the number of people who decide on the various matters. I also expect to know about the deals that the firm is currently undertaking.

Question Two

If you had to make your decision on just the information provided in the pitch and on the company’s website, would you fund this company? Why or why not?

Based on the information offered on the pitch and the company’s website alone, I could not make the decision on the funding. This is so because there lie other external influential factors that are likely to affect the firm’s operations in the larger industry. It is important to consider the larger economic factors that dictate the manner in which the firm operates within the industry. Ignoring larger elements of operations could mean an unclear funding decision which could result in losses on the part of the investor.

October 26, 2021

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