Quality Plan development

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The Toy Company

The Toy Company is a company that specializes in the production of plush kid's toys of various sizes. The company has released a new product in its category called the Smiley Star. To appeal to the target population, the toy is available in a variety of sizes and colors. The study offered here defines a quality plan for the organization's new product on the market.

Quality Criteria for the Plush Toy

The plush toy is intended for children under the age of five. As a result, one of the quality criteria is that the model be built of safe materials that are not dangerous to children even if accidentally consumed. Additionally, the toy should be made in the right dimensions which makes it unique. Additionally, with the proper dimensions, the toy will reduce instances of chocking in case it is swallowed by mistake.

Quality Plan for the Plush Toy

To ensure the presented quality expectations are satisfied, the new plush toys delivered in the market will be made of non-toxic rubber which is further painted in a lead-free paint. To prevent chocking, the smallest plush toy will be twice the size of a 2-year old’s palm. The presented guideline will guarantee that even when the child puts the toy in the mouth, they will not be able to swallow of chock from it. The standard governing the guideline on the use of the lead-paint is outlined under ASTM F 963 while that of making the toys in the right dimension is covered under the 16 CFR 1500.3 standard of the toy safety act. The presented target of delivering quality and safe toys for the consumers aligns with the requirements of the target consumers having in mind that it matches their needs.

Quality Assurance

For the sake of quality assurance, reviews will be carried out after the accomplishment of every stage of the product development cycle. The reviews will be carried out as scheduled by qualified organizations such as Intertek. The professional from the identified body will implement the use of high quality methods such as quality assessments to ensure the product’s quality meets the required standard. Besides, the expert will also offer the needed expert advice on the areas to be addressed for the toy commodity to meet the required industrial standard. At this point, it is highly likely that the deliverables will actually meet the stated quality expectations in that methods such as toxicity assessments will indicate that the product do not include any lead material.

Quality Control Plan

The plan requires that all quality requirements be established such as producing toys in the right dimensions which are not painted through the use of lead-paint. The second phase of the plan requires the identification of the industrial standard which must be met. In this case, the ASTM F 963 and 16 CFR 1500.3 must be met when producing the toys. The third phase requires the schedule of the control activities to be carried out. In this case, the control activities will be upheld after every quality assurance check to incorporate the suggested recommendations by the expert. The fourth step outlines the sequence of the control activities. Apparently, the control activities will be carried out after the implementation of peer reviews which involves comparing the quality of the product with that of the peers in the industry. If the quality does not match the expectations, a corrective plan is considered as the final step. The presented fact involves avoiding the use of toxic material to design the toys and utilizing only the required dimensions when constructing the toys.

Process for Managing Quality

All the available tasks in the outlined in the previous plans should be carried out in the expected ways. Otherwise, responsive actions should be implemented in due time. The manager has a significant role to play in managing the quality of the product. Apparently, he is expected to take full responsibility to ensure only the desirable processes are utilized in product manufacture to achieve the expected quality. Additionally, he also foresees the activities of the members of the team to ensure that they are only working with the suggested guidelines during manufacture. The team members have the responsibility of abiding by the required guidelines and standards during the actual manufacture to certify that the final product meets the required quality limit. The inspectors play an important role of monitoring quality of the product as it is still being produced to ensure that no errors are made during the production process. Additionally, the testers are required to offer advice on which safety guidelines to consider, having in mind that constant revisions and updates are made on them.


To conclude, developing a quality plan is important since it outlines the quality requirements of a product. The plan outlines the guidelines which manufacturers must consider when developing a product to preserve the health and safety of the target consumers. Through seeking expert services, the final product is likely to meet the needs of the consumers as a result of the advice offered on the guidelines to be implemented.

May 10, 2023

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