Rainbow Curve Overlook

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The rainbow is formed when sunlight reflects from water droplets in the atmosphere. These droplets act like tiny glass prisms and bend the light at different angles. This difference in angle determines the colour separation in the rainbow. Light of different wavelengths is bent at different angles, giving the rainbow its distinct curvature.

One of the most famous overlooks in the area is Rainbow Curve. This site provides spectacular views of the area, which is often jammed with day visitors. However, it is also a popular location for photographers to capture breathtaking nighttime scenes. By using a tripod and high ISO, you can capture a beautiful image with a surreal, otherworldly look.

Rainbow Curve is a beautiful overlook located at 10,829 feet above sea level. The scenic overlook offers spectacular views of Horseshoe Park, Mummy Range, and Beaver Ponds. In addition, it provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area. From here, you can also see Trail Ridge Road, which winds its way through the mountainous landscape.

Developers are beginning to fill the area around Rainbow Curve with commercial projects. They are taking advantage of the existing utility infrastructure and growing residential populations in the area. In June, a two-story office building and a medical office were approved, as well as a car wash. Two other large developments have already been approved in the neighborhood. Developers have begun construction in the area, including Fountain Plaza Hershey, a two-story office building, and Women's Health Associates, a one-story doctors' office. An outdoor seating area is also planned.

September 12, 2022


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