Raise the Red Lantern Movie Review

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The 1991 film Raise the Red Lantern starred Gong Li, and is an adaptation of the 1990 novella of the same name by Su Tong. In addition to the movie, the novella was also adapted into a ballet by the National Ballet of China. This article discusses the story and characters of the film.


Songlian, a 19-year-old university graduate, is married to Master Chen, a wealthy and powerful man. She is the fourth youngest wife in his family. When she arrives at his estate, he welcomes her with a massage and a red lantern in her private room. Songlian is immediately enchanted by the lavish ambiance and the elaborate foot massage. She is soon competing for her master's love. However, the seduction and ritualistic power of this ancient Chinese tradition clash with her modernist impulse to assert individuality.

Songlian is the only educated woman in the household. She is a misfit in the proper ladies' household. The eldest son of Master Chen catches her attention, and Songlian falls for him. Unfortunately, she cannot indulge her love for him.


Raise the Red Lantern is a 1991 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Gong Li. It is an adaptation of a 1990 novella by Su Tong. It was later made into a ballet performed by the National Ballet of China. In addition to being a feminist film, Raise the Red Lantern also has an interesting message about patriarchy. The Master has complete power because he has wealth, which gives him an advantage over others and allows him to define how people behave. As a result, he buys women and discards them after a while.

The story is not very happy when Songlian finds out about the affair. He begins to shout at Yan'er and throws the red lanterns onto the pavement, demanding that she apologize. The servants are not happy at all. Songlian insists that Yan'er should be punished for this, but Yuru decides that punishment is more appropriate than retaliation.


When the dead Meishan's spirit is summoned, Songlian lights the red lantern, the symbol of love, light, and sexuality. Traditionally, this act is the responsibility of Chen, the head of the family. However, as Songlian learns, she has no real power and is simply a puppet of Chen. The red lanterns are the warmest presence in a formal landscape, making Songlian's death a particularly devastating blow.

A young woman named Songlian, a misfit in the proper ladies' household, hangs around Meishan. She falls for Master Chen's eldest son, but is not allowed to have any sex with him.

Meishan's four mistresses

When the four mistresses in Meishan's house light the red lantern, the servants and housekeepers in the compound become frightened. They believe that the house is haunted by Meishan's dead spirit. They then cover the lanterns in black cloth, as is traditional in patriarchal Chinese society.

The film Raise the Red Lantern is a parable that takes place during the warlord era in 1920s China. The film is split into four parts. One begins with the young Songlian, who is forced to marry a rich man at the age of 19. After being married to a family with much wealth, Songlian becomes the Master's fourth mistress and competes with the other three wives for his attention. The four mistresses' rivalry is further exacerbated by the traditional household ritual. When the Master decides to spend the night with one of the mistresses, the mistress gets the foot massage and the menu for the next day. This begins a series of unhappy days for Songlian and the other mistresses.

Songlian's first night with a master

Songlian is the fourth wife of a master. Every evening, she waits for the Master to choose her as his companion. The Master chooses the companion by lantern. Songlian is astonished by his treatment and frightened at first. However, she slowly learns to respect the Master's decision.

Songlian tries to gain the master's attention by pretending to be pregnant. However, her master becomes suspicious of her behavior and orders her to keep her secret. Meanwhile, her master is busy dealing with other servants, and Songlian begins to become increasingly frantic. Songlian even manages to accidentally tell Zhuoyan that she is pregnant.

Gong Li

Raise the Red Lantern is a 1991 film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Gong Li. It is based on a novella by Su Tong. It was adapted into a ballet performed by the National Ballet of China. The film's story is both romantic and haunting, revealing Gong Li's complex character and revealing the power of her artistic vision.

The film has a chilling beginning, with Songlian suddenly seen in close-up as she argues with her mother. When she finally yields, her face is streaked with tears. It's one of the most chilling scenes in recent screen history, and it perfectly captures the mood of the film.

Zhang Yimou

Raise the Red Lantern is a 1991 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou starring Gong Li. The film is based on a novella by Su Tong and was later adapted into a ballet by the National Ballet of China. In addition to the film, the book has been made into a ballet, which has been performed by the National Ballet of China.

The film aims to challenge expectations. Chinese culture is marked by high expectations, unforgiving disobedience, and strict traditions. While the modern democratic world typically condemns this kind of male-dominated society, there are those who support it. The film explores the position of women within a patriarchal society.

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