Rating bias and spillover impact

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The Consequences of Ranking Prejudice

The essay investigates the consequences of ranking prejudice. It emphasizes the role China has played in stabilizing the global economy since the 2008 global economic crisis. The article examines how foreign organizations' ranking bias has had little bearing on China's economy and how it is expected to have widespread spillover consequences in other areas such as heightened global financial instability and sluggish recovery of the global economy. The article relates well to the class learning outcomes as it provides and explains the spillover effects caused by rating biases introduced by international agencies and explains the remedial measures China is taking to stabilize the global economy.

China's Efforts in Economic Recovery

The article is elaborate and easy to understand. It outlines steps China is taking to put the world's economy on a recovery path. It explains Corrective measures taken by China like exporting value chain, which has helped facilitate the recovery of global investments and trade. China has also invested so much in infrastructure, thereby improving the interconnection. Interconnection of regions of regions is critical in enhancing integration, trade, and investment. The article recognizes that the world economy cannot recover if nations like China do not take proactive measures.

Weaknesses of the Article

However, the article has one obvious weakness. For instance, it only argues that China has remained unaffected by rating bias, but fails to elaborate how and why the country has remained economically stable amid such events. The article has also not explained why the rest of the world is so vulnerable, even though it has sufficiently outlined the measures China is implementing to return the global economy to a trajectory of recovery.

November 09, 2022

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