Reduction of military spending

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The United States government spends a lot of money on military operations, which should stop.

Defense investment in the United States has increased dramatically over the past decade. America invests almost $ 700 billion a year on military operations, which is unrivaled by any other nation in the world. The United States spends so much on defense that it accounts for almost 41 percent of global military spending (Blodget, 2013).

Despite the huge budget allocated to the military, much of it is used in

First: Lacks balance with diplomacy and foreign aid budgets

Second: Funds unrealistic wars

Finally: Should be cut gradually and reallocated to other important sectors of the economy

Transition: The current spending on the military activities is not balanced


Main Idea 1. Lacks balance with diplomacy and foreign aid

Balanced spending would prevent conflicts

Reduce the need for military involvement (ConnectUS, 2017)

Transition: The funding is often on unrealistic wars

Main Idea 2. Funding of unrealistic wars

Current 2-war strategy is unrealistic

Receives no significant help from allies (Bandow, 2014)

Transition: Spending on military should be gradually cut

Main idea 3. Gradual cutting of military spending

Gradual shift to less military spending

Re-allocate the cut military spending (Blodget, 2013)


The United States should spend less money on military because as it is, much is being spent whereas there is high misuse and some activities are not necessary considering not much is gained. Nonetheless, spending should be cut gradually to avoid paralyzing critical functions such as addressing the national security threat posed by nuclear weapons and cyberwarfare.


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January 05, 2023

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