Roger Rosenblatt on Making Toast

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Roger Rosenblatt is a long-time essayist for PBS' NewsHour and Time magazine. He is currently a Distinguished Professor of English at Stony Brook University. His writings focus on issues of life and the human condition, while also providing insights into the world around us. He has authored more than fifty books, including "Unless It Moves the Human Heart," "Life Itself," and "Making Toast."

Unless It Moves the Human Heart

Author Roger Rosenblatt has won several awards for his humor novels and poignant memoir Making Toast, and he is a respected writing teacher. In this memoir, he offers a guide for aspiring writers and an argument for why writing is so important.

Life Itself

In Life Itself, Roger Rosenblatt reinvents the abortion debate and offers a solution. A prominent commentator on social issues, he has published numerous columns in leading publications, and has been a regular guest on the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. Now, he turns his focus to the most divisive social issue of our time: abortion.

Making Toast

"Roger Rosenblatt on Making Toast" is a powerful memoir about family, love and loss. Rosenblatt loses his daughter Amy and leaves the family home on Long Island to move in with his son-in-law and his grandchildren. The book peels back the layers of grief to show the strength of familial love.

Free Speech in America

Roger Rosenblatt is a playwright, essayist, and narrator. He has authored 18 novels and several nonfiction works. His work has appeared in national magazines, newspapers, and professional journals.

Life Itself: Abortion in the American Mind

In this book, Rosenblatt reframes the debate over abortion and offers a new perspective. The author is an award-winning columnist who has contributed to major publications and regularly appears on The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. He is widely considered one of America's leading commentators on social issues.

Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement

The Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement is presented annually to authors who have influenced the world's literature and culture. The award recognizes writers who have inspired the public through their creativity, courage, and imagination. The award is presented at an annual gala dinner in New York City.

Other honors

In 2015, the Kenyon Review Board of Trustees awarded Roger Rosenblatt its Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement. Rosenblatt is a novelist, playwright, literary critic, and author of narrative essays. He has been called one of the most innovative writers of our time. His essays soar with playful riffs and majestic lines, and his prose combines lyricism and depth of insight with a sense of humor.

Living in Bethesda

Roger Rosenblatt is an author of the memoir Making Toast, which is set in the aftermath of his daughter Amy's death. After her death, Rosenblatt and Ginny move into Amy's Bethesda house. Amy had four children and a son-in-law named Harris. Although her death was tragic, the situation becomes a catalyst for healing.

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