Role and Function of Law in Global Business Research Essay

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When thinking about the effects of the legislation

Businesspeople primarily consider the regulations that will affect them. The rule of law has a significant impact on how we live our lives and how businesses are conducted. Requirements are a subset of rules of conduct or explicitly arranged by an expert administering the law. All businesspeople in the restaurant industry must grasp the laws because they are crucial to how the operations of restaurants are carried out on a daily basis. The impact and the purpose of law in a restaurant business can be identified through outlining and discussing the impacts of the US legal system, the threats of general litigation and the manner in which the managers can minimize the exposure to the dangers. This essay will discuss the importance and the downsides of mediation and trial and make an identification of preferred means.

Impact of U.S.A legal system

The U.S. Legitimate framework significantly affects the way that the restaurant business works. Two significant consequences of the U.S. Legitimate System are the Affordable Act and the Joint-Employer status. The reasonable care act influences the restaurant business since it requires employees with increasingly the 50 specialists to offer medical advantages to full-time workers. The law influences all business ventures; however, it can significantly affect the manner the restaurant runs because not all restaurants are adequate. A few restaurants have reduced working hours for employees to decrease the number of full-time representatives (Cahoy & Oswald, 2013). In the case of the smaller businesses, reducing the workers is not a choice since they commit to offer wellbeing coverage. For the organization to infringing upon this law, the organization pays up to two thousand us dollars.

The U.S. Legitimate framework likewise influences the restaurant business

By considering establishments accountable for the activities of their franchisees; known as Joint-Employees Status. Proprietors of the restaurant must be cautious and have an understanding of the workers they are contracting to work in their business because these specialists are a reflection of the organization. Their activities specifically influence the operation of the firm and how clients will see the organization. For instance, when a worker is impolite or rude to the clients, they will accuse the organization, and it can cost them business and claims (Cahoy & Oswald, 2013). Margaretville Restaurant Syracuse was sued because a server split into the drink of a client. The client could sue the organization in light of the way the directors and the representative took care of the issue. At the point when the client saw the salivation in his drink, he informed the manager, who didn't address his worry.

Threats of conventional Litigation

Litigation can be defined as the way of bringing, keeping up, and shielding a legitimate activity. Traditional lawsuits are when an organization gets into a trial, but the restaurant business typically tries to avoid this method due to associated threats. Conventional litigation at times is very expensive and harmful to the name of the business. In the situation of the Margaretville Restaurant Syracuse court action, the organization would desire to avoid the method; as a result, the information will result in them damaging the reputation of the business (Lowenfeld, 2012). This form of lawsuit is costly because the organization must hire attorneys and may become in charge of the legal fees of the claimer. Another likelihood of general litigation is the ability in the case would be public and cause other people to sue the organization.

Ways, the manager, can reduce claim threats in an organization

Business is a standard program and directors in the restaurant business intend to add to reducing the presentation of dangers. To decrease risks, administrators can make an agenda of precautionary measures before entering their work zone and ensure they have adequate protection to cover any misfortunes or harm (Dhooge, 2013). Joining strict worker strategy is likewise essential. For the eatery business, buyers are entrusting the company to make their sustenance, and directors should address any security infringement promptly.

A comparison and a differentiation of global and business disputes

Litigations are not extraordinary for the restaurant business since it opens individuals to several unique hazards. Whenever a disagreement emerges, an organization ought to decide whether the customary suit is essential or any other alternative determination. Alternative dispute resolutions are methods to resolve disputes other than the suit. The types of alternative dispute resolutions incorporate arrangement, discretion, intervention, and E-dispute determination.


Negotiation is the point at which the two parties endeavor to make a settlement while Arbitration is the point at which the two parties allow a third party to hear and make a determination on the dispute. For intervention, the two sides get a middle person to help achieve a settlement, and E-question determination is an electronic technique for settling a difference on the web (Dhooge, 2013).

Negotiation is the best method to use

As the two parties with disagreement will not have to involve the third party. By the use of negotiation, the parties will not undergo the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend them in the courts. Finally, this method will also assist the owners to learn more about what they can improve to satisfy their clients better.


Following the law is indispensable to maintain a strategic distance from any conceivable claims, particularly in the restaurant business. When managing food and drinks, workers, and clients; proprietors need to ensure that all workers are doing his or her activity responsibly. Although a few claims are unavoidable, proprietors ought to choose when the customary prosecution is fundamental and when elective debate determination strategies are.


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July 15, 2023

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