Salma Hayek as FRIDA

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The film "FRIDA" is a film Salma Hayek is playing a major role as "Frida." A Mexican artist who is perhaps more famous for being the wife of Diego Rivera than renowned painters. However, Frida lives in paralyzing pain in this film, because she is going through a horrific accident that would leave her in the wheelchair for the rest of her life. However, with its inherent vitality, love and passion for life, along with its blistering abilities as a painter, it emerges victorious from the danger and is popular throughout the world. One thing she fails to overcome is her strenuous love/hate relationship with Rivera, which occupies much of time, life and most important her career in painting. Though Frida prides in many ways, one for being independent and second for her fiery nature she eventually succumbs to Rivera seductive charms and he becomes part her of life. What is fascinating about this movie is how Salma plays the female protagonist role as Frida. This role is not easy and sometimes poses a real challenge but graceful and wonderful Salma, an immensely gifted woman does really excellent work here by awaking Frida and her world to life again. It is pleasure to watch this film because Salma does not only play a Frida role but IS Frida. Another crucial character in this film is Diego Rivera, an ultimate Frida love. His real name is Molina and he is a prominent British actor who is seamlessly casted for this role and besides has amazing resemblance to the real Rivera. However, there is vague references to political brawl between Stalin and Trotsky as they make their way into the script. The movie ignores Siqueiros critical role in failed attempt on life of Trotsky in 1940.

July 24, 2021
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