Salvation Army

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A business organization known as a non-profit organization

A business organization known as a non-profit organization is one that is created with the goal of promoting or addressing the welfare of its members rather than turning a profit. In this essay, the salvation army nonprofit organization's common concepts and their significance are analyzed.

Salvation Army norms and standards

As stated in Romans 2:15, nonprofit organizations pay close attention to norms and standards that are intended to bring uniformity in the provision of their services, according to Worth, M. J. (2017). Similar to the business sector, the Salvation Army has a diverse workforce that needs to be guided by established norms and standards, such as adherence to the laws of the land. The concept of norms and standards is important as it enhances credibility and self-governance in the organization which greatly translates into efficiency in the service delivery.

Education and Training of employees

The Salvation Army helps in voluntary services including the support for adults through rehabilitation, prison ministries, and elderly services, support for children and families for instance by offering food during hunger and Christmas and finally international assistance such as the provision of sponsorship to the financially unstable individuals across the globe. For the organization to successfully offer these services, the employees must develop high skills of professionalism as alluded to in 1st Samuel 18:26. For instance, to enable the managers in prioritizing the level of education required for sponsorship to be awarded. This concept is rather important as it gives the employees the ability to offer their profitless services efficiently (Worth, M. J. 2017).

Management of the organization

Management of nonprofit organizations has evolved. In the past, the organizations received money through donations, contributions and from other sources such as investment without an oversight board. In the Salvation Army. According to the author, the management is over sighted by a board which ensures efficient use of resources allocated to it. The concept of oversight is helpful since it protects the poor from abuse by few unethical employees who would prefer using the resources for their gain just as written in Luke 16:11

Shift from the volunteer to paid staff

Over the years, nonprofit making organizations have had volunteering employees who help in their service provision. However, it has been noted that these employees usually lack motivation and hence are short term in nature. The realization of the motivation factor in service delivery made many NPOs such as the Salvation Army to hire skilled employees and make their compensation as part of the expenses in the organization. The hired employees are more accountable to the organization objective and have the confidence of job security.

Adoption of business practices

The institutionalization of business practices affects nonprofit organizations in the delivery of their services. In the past, nonprofit organizations relied on the bureaucracy as the main style of management without putting into consideration the effect to the implementing style. Today, Salvation Army is one of the nonprofit organizations which incorporate strategic plans borrowed from the profit making organizations (Worth, M. J. 2017). These measures ensure that the organization is run effectively and efficiently despite the fact that no profit is made as indicated in Proverbs 24:27. Besides, involving employees in decision-making mechanism of the organization brings an aspect o motivate which is key in the development process o the organization.


The concepts which nonprofit making organizations have to take into consideration include the adoption of business practices, proper management of employees, shift from volunteer to hired employees, education and training and norms and standards at the organizations.


Worth, M. J. (2017). Nonprofit management: Principles and practice. Sage.

February 01, 2023
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