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Self-awareness is the capacity of a person to have a distinct perception of their personality and character. One needs to be aware of one's own strengths, weaknesses, ability to perceive ideas, individual beliefs, sources of motivation, and sources of emotions, among other things. (Matsumoto,&Juang, 2016). Most significantly, self-awareness gives someone the chance to comprehend how others see them, including their attitudes and expected behaviors, as well as their character and personality. (Arnold, 2014). This paper, therefore, delves into individual's self-awareness in respect to personal views, cultural background, and core beliefs that are essential for working with colleagues as well as relation to the Homeland Security Clients.

Cultural Values and Beliefs

The three main cultural values and beliefs that I have been raised up with as well as experienced in the community are equality, collective success, and freedom. For instance, my family and the community taught me that equality is the foundation of developing and sustaining a community that affords all its populace equal opportunities to exploit their potentials. I believe in equality because it prevented marginalization of other sections of the community by encouraging equal growth through capacity building. Similarly, my family and the community installed in me a culture to believe in the power of success. Only through working hard and being committed to our jobs that we deliberate ourselves from poverty and negative impacts resulting from manipulations. Nonetheless, freedom of a culture and belief in my family and the community shaped me to be able to defend myself against forces of oppression as well as unjust actions that are unlawful or benefit one person while infringing other people.

Role Models

Talking of role models in my life while I was growing up makes me appreciate both of my parents. My father other than being the head of the family taught me the values of the family and showed me how to work hard in life in order to build a better and a united family. He taught me to respect other people's opinions as well as be aware of the environment that I live in. Together with my mother, they taught me the importance of unity in a family.

Expressing Major Feelings

Feelings can either be those that depict a good time or those which represent bad times. Responding to the feelings in view of my cultural values and beliefs determined the outcome of the next moments of experience. As such, my family and community demonstrated that good feelings could be expressed through showing love, appreciation, affection, gratitude, and positive attitude that strengthens the actions and behavior that make the person feel happy. Bad feelings on the other hand could be expressed through change of moods, doing some activities that shake off the negative energy within ones eye or listening to music genre which reminds me of goog experience.

Expressing Violence

Individual handling of violent moments, on the other hand, was not permitted if actions could lead to further undesired results such as fights, body injurious and possible death. Hence, the family and the community allowed individual expression of violence-positive measures geared towards finding solutions to the causes of the conflicts leading to violent reactions (Trommsdorff, & Chen, 2012).

Religious Belief, Self-Motivation, and Spiritual Self

I have been brought up believing the existence of God and that he is the creator and protector of all other things both living and non-living. The God I believe in is powerful and is always there to respond at the times of my needs. On the same note,I get motivated by simple actions that bring changes into the lives of other people as well as make the time that I get to interact with them memorable and worth. Spiritual self, on the other hand, attaches me to God and prompts me to live a life that shadows God's. In view of how to perceive and treat other people's religious belief, self-motivation, and spiritual self, I am obliged to respect and honor their values which are equally important to them, in the same manner, I would want mine respected.


Precisely, the young who fail to reason as well not use their conscience get recruited into militia groups including those that take part in terrorism activities due to improper nurturing as well as lack of sufficient information concerning the ability to make rational judgments as well as deliberation of premeditated actions. If their actions are in the name of protecting their cultural values and beliefs, then it is high time that they also treated other people's values and beliefs with respect and honor. Above all, the young generation recruited into such militia groups lack or must have been exposed to inadequate guidance that comes from parents and the community at large.


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July 15, 2023

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