Service Level Agreement

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NOTE: Assumed IT Service Provider is Australia IT Masters (imaginary). And assumed client is Australia Superannuation Fund. Change that as desired by using Ctrl + F SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA)








            This agreement is made between Australia IT Masters and Australia Superannuation Fund. The agreement covers the provision and support of Email services and Web Hosting from the service provider (Australia IT Masters) to the client (Australia Superannuation Fund). This document shall be effective from the date stated in the end of this document, till the agreed end date of the service contract. Before the end date, a new contract can be renegotiated between the parties. All the parties, client and service provider are signatories to this document via their representatives.

2. General Overview

            The document is a Service Legal Agreement between the customer and the service provider to document provision of the following:

Email Services

Web Hosting

Responsibilities of Australia IT Masters as the service provider

Responsibilities of the client (Australia Superannuation Fund)

Responsibilities of the client’s employees as the direct beneficiary of the IT Service

The financial aspects involved

3. Service Description

                       Australia IT Masters will provide efficient email services and web hosting for the client. The email is a web based platform where end users in an organization can communicate and collaborate effectively in a professional manner (University of New Mexico, 2016). Each employee receives a unique work email. This saves employees from having to use their personal email to handle job operations, queries and tasks. There is also an accompanying mobile app for the email services. To help end users have access to email from the comfort of their smart phones.

            The web hosting services is where the client’s website will be hosted. Australia IT Masters will provide cloud space where the client’s website is kept. The website is allocated enough space to handle as many user visits as can be possibly estimated.

4. Detailed Service Scope

Email service is fully elaborated as follows:

45GB of email storage for each user

Individual email for each employee e.g. [email protected]

Email groups/lists for departmental and team use. There is a feature to create mail list/group and add employees there. This can be useful when sending emails to departments. E.g. [email protected] when information is delivered to that email, all employees in that department receives the email.

Custom email labels. If say an employee Paul sends too several emails to you in a day. You can create an email folder called ‘Paul mails’. This appears just as a normal email group like inbox, spam, etc.

Anti-spam feature.

Web access via a browser and Mobile accessibility, via a mobile app.

Web Service includes the following:

Cloud web space of 500GB

Easy panel for web administrators to add content

Protection against DOS (Denial of Service) and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks

Expandable storage available as per client requests

Back up of client site and restoration services. We back up a client site at each midnight. The data is secured and is only kept for 24 hours before and deleted when the next back up is done. Why back up? In case the client’s web developer messes the system in the course of upgrading or maintaining it, the backup can come in handy.

5. Service Availability

            Australia IT Masters keeps the need of the client first. Our team of IT professionals seeks to ensure an uptime or service availability of up to 99% per month for the email and 95% for the website hosting. We understand that emails are vital for communication. Therefore we seek to ensure that clients are always able to send and receive their mails. The web hosting service also seeks to ensure maximum availability. So that visitors to a client website can always be able to access it.

6. Incidence Management

            An incidence is defined as an interruption to the availability of a service offered by Australia IT. An incidence can be classified as follows:

a) Level of impact

High: Email or website not available or accessible for the whole organization

Medium: email groups not working or a certain website feature not working

Low: A user not able to access their email

b) Level of urgency

High: Needs to be fixed in 0-60 minutes

Medium: Needs a resolution in 12 hours

Low: Needs a resolution in 24 hours

Lowest. Needs a fix in a 48hours to 5 working days. Upgrades fall here.

7. Incidence Reporting and Escalation

The following table can help to guide end users and the support team of Australia IT in the reporting and escalation of incidences.


Incidence identification

When an end user identifies an interruption in a service, say they cannot access their work email; they should report this to the in-house client technical staff (Griffith University, 2013).



If the client’s technical staff is not able to troubleshoot the problem, they are free to then call or email the service desk of Australia IT Masters on:

Email: [email protected]



Service Desk Escalations

The service desk of Australia IT receives and incident, they verify and assign a ticket to it, then forward it to the relevant technical support staff.

Hopefully the incidence is solved


Client Escalations

If a client notes that time has passed according to the urgency of the issue, they escalate it to the marketing team of Australia IT. Since this are the ones who sold them the service


Managerial Escalations

The marketing team then escalates it to the manager of the relevant technical staff. Hopefully the issue gets a fix here.

8. Service Hours

The Australia IT Service Desk is available 24 hours each day to handle queries and incidences.

9. Change and Upgrade Management

            Any major or minor change to the email or web service by Australia IT shall be communicated at least 7 days prior to the update or change date. Consultations shall then be done with the client about the benefits and effects of the change. A date for the change shall then be agreed upon.

10. Charging

Service repairs or maintenances to fix an issue shall not be charged.

The Australia IT technical team shall fix any service outage.

However, any requested system change or upgrade shall be charged on the client.

11. Service Reviewing.

            The Australia IT Service Desk shall do a year quarterly review of reported incidences and check how they have been handled. The client is also free to review service management any time of the year and give feedback.

12. Document Changes






24 APRIL 2018




13. Date and Signatories



(Subject To Competitive Renewal)



Client/Service Provider Position




Griffith University, (2013). Incident Management Process Handbook. Version 1.7. Pg. 5-16.

University of New Mexico, (2016). Email and Calendaring SLA. Pg. 1-6. Retrieved from

September 04, 2023




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