The Victorian State Government Schools Agreement 2017

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Importantly, agreements are crucial to the operation of the Australian working environment and industrial economy. The certification of these elements promotes fairness for all personnel and employees within organizations. The contract that is made by these parties are supported by the 2009 Act that ratifies the element on fair work (Workplaceinfo.Com.Au). The modern awards, as well as the National Employment Standards (NES), are other regulations that control the functioning of various industries as they indicate standards that are applicable to a significant number of Australian workers (Workplaceinfo.Com.Au). Consequently, the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017 provides illustrations of such contracts because the document highlights what the government expects of the teachers within the state.

Summary of the Minimum Conditions

The document provides that the agreement binds all persons that teach in the state of Victoria as well as any union that conducts its operations in Victoria and is registered with the Fair Work Commission (Victoria State Government). The contract also settles all claims and prevent teachers from taking part in industrial action on matters that are covered by the agreement. These issues are binding to all partners in all the period that the contract exists (Victoria State Government). In particular, the covenant was launched by the Fair Work Commission and the pledges will be valid until 30th April 2021.

The first condition in the agreement relates to the industrial relation principles in which the party will be obliged to cooperate and conduct intensive consultation between the management and the employees (Victoria State Government 5). The partners should engage in mutual trust and respect and be ready to consider alternative viewpoints as an approach to promoting positive outcomes. The group should also strive to eliminate precarious work models as the realization of such an objective will help to secure the given employment. The conditions also involve school-based consultations that are key to worker morale and administrative responsiveness.

The unions are also mandated to inform the employers in case there are grievances within a five-day working window. Further, disagreement s with the employers in the school should also follow a proper channel in which notifications are given within five-day period to offer room for more consultation. The document also provides conditions on the classification structure that encompass various structures in the system. These models include the executive, principle, teacher, paraprofessional, and education support levels (Victoria State Government 9).

The agreement also entails the salary packaging for every class to ensure that each party is satisfied with the offered remunerations (Victoria State Government 17). The employer is obliged to provide benefits and other salary packages according to the work levels of the personnel. The government indicates that all the wages at each level should be inclusive of the administrative costs and tax deductions. The persons with disability are categorized as employees with priority status, and they have the right to be re-engaged in their previous or below status when returning to the job. The allocation of duties should also follow the correct channel to prevent overworking or abandoning duties.

Responsibilities in the Agreement

The teachers will be accountable to the students and should provide relevant information as per the state’s syllabus. The tutors will be responsible for the disciple of the students on the school and will be required to follow the appropriate channels while conducting these duties. Additionally, the Victorian state government and other employers within the region will be required to provide all the necessary resources and salaries to ensure that the teachers are motivated to accomplish their duties.

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October 24, 2023


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