Sexting among Teens

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Sexting is the phenomenon of sending sexually explicit material such as images, videos, and messages via text message or email. Despite the fact that the term "sexting" is comparatively recent, the phenomenon has been around for a long time. Previously, sexually explicit material was circulated through images, sketches, and videos. However, as the internet and web 2.0 have grown in popularity, sexting has become more widespread than ever. The availability of versatile instruments that can perform many tasks has increased the prevalence of the procedure. Teenagers today have better access to sexting platforms and are engaging in it at a higher pace than before. The laws have also been amended to control the practices. However, there is confusion on why the laws prohibit sexting, and yet they allow sexual intercourse for teens. Hanna says, _x0093__x0085_in most states, it is perfectly legal for two sixteen-year-olds to have sex. But if they take photos, it is a matter for the police_x0094_ (Hanna). The truth is sexting has a long-lasting adverse effect on the psychology of the teens who engage in it and should therefore not be allowed.

Sexting increases the chances of teens having sex. According to a study conducted by Temple et al., teens who share pictures, sexually suggestive texts and other forms of sext are more likely to end up engaging in sexual intercourse. According to the study, around 28 percent of teens have sent sexts in their lives. Out of the 28 percent, 76.2 percent engaged in sexual intercourse (Temple 830). Therefore, there is a definite relationship between sexts and engaging in sex. Thus, the law should be more vigilant on sexts than sexual intercourse because sexts are a precursor of sexual intercourse.

Sexts also lead to psychological trauma if they backfire on the senders. The sexts can be used by partners in the future against the senders as a means of bullying or blackmail. Receivers of the photos, videos or messages may save them and use them in the future in case they stop the relationships. Such harassment and blackmail may lead to psychological torture and hence suicidal thoughts among other problems (Temple 830). The sexts may also be used to ruin the reputation of the sender later in life if the receiver releases them to the public. The sexts may also be sent to a wrong person and ruin the reputation of the sender. Therefore, sexts should not be allowed.

The above reasons are very significant. Therefore, I as a parent, cannot advise my child to share sexts. Also, the law is correct to restrict the sending of sexts more than sexual intercourse. Although I do not advocate for teenagers having sex, I have a stronger opinion against sending sexts because sexts have a higher chance of ruining a person_x0092_s life.

In conclusion, the law is correct to make sending sexts a crime. The sexts have very adverse effects on the psychological well-being of the teenagers and their future lives. Also, sexts can be kept as evidence and used out of context in the future to ruin the life of an innocent person. Therefore, as a parent, I advise all teens against exchanging or soliciting for sexts.

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October 19, 2022

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