Shoe marketing plan

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A shoe marketing plan

A shoe marketing plan should be an idea that incorporates all pertinent marketing principles. Advances must be made, especially when approaching the target market from an international perspective. The goal of entering overseas markets is to boost sales and thereby profitability. A scenario like this provides a fantastic chance for the promotion of athletic-based shoes to international sportsmen and other target groups.

Meeting the needs of the overseas market

It is critical to use proper techniques to meet the needs of the overseas market. This accomplishment should be part of the overarching goal of ensuring that SoleMates shoes meet market expectations. It is for this reason that all athletes and other casual shoe consumers should be the target market for shoes. The physical environment of a given climate needs consideration while producing shoes of a particular region. Various manufacturing components require selection in the production of shoes. Such a mechanism ensure an increased demand for shoe-types for both summer and winter.

Establishing SoleMates as a unique brand in the foreign market

SoleMates has the responsibility of making sure that its name is part of the unique brand for the foreign market. It is good to conduct research in finding out if the word 'SoleMate' may have undesirable undertones in other languages in the foreign market.

Learn from marketing mistakes

Marketing mistakes can cost organizations lots of business. An example is Ikea and Nike (Burns, Mullet & Bryant, 2016). The products of Ikea were selling in Thailand using Swedish names, which mean "sex" in the Thai language. Nike was forced to recall its products after an initial decoration mistakenly resembled Allah in the Arabic world. The main intention of the original decoration was to resemble fire on shoes. Nike made huge losses from the recall of its products.


Burns, L.D., Mullet, K.K., & Bryant, N.O. (2016). The business of fashion: Designing, manufacturing, and marketing. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing.

May 02, 2023



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