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The Transformation of Traditional Chinese Lifestyle in the Film Shower

The problem of an outdated, traditional Chinese lifestyle being replaced by a modern one is addressed in the 1999 film Shower. In the chapter titled "shower," Zhang Yang makes the claim that "after the shower is over, the movie goes instantly to the film's title and then to the Beijing bathhouse, therefore highlighting the contrast between the two settings." (P.168.) I agree with this claim because older generations have a propensity for being more sociable with their neighbors and having more spare time to spend all day at the spa. At the beginning of the movie, it shows how the city is full of tall building, and every worker is very rush to walk and do their business. When I come to shower, there will be a machine for people to select of how long they will want to enjoy their shower. After a person finishes their option, they got to go into the shower box like a car wash. The camera will only focus on the man taking a shower. In here it shows how new generation people lack the time and social, but they can only enjoy the bath for just only five minutes. Also, one person can go in at a time which means the chance that they will know new people is getting less. This show the transformation of modern lifestyle.

The Sense of Community in the Beijing Bathhouse

When the movie scene cut back to the big public bath house, the camera shows us how people stay in one big bathroom together. People take their time to enjoy wringing in water and talk with their neighbors. Sharing a bathtub with different people increases an opportunity to develop a bond with other people. In the movie, it is noted that men are often interested playing games, chatting, and conducting cricket fights while at the baths. However, the practice is not broken into smaller parts dictating how long a single activity will last. As compared to the scenes in the movie, in the current way of life, people do not wish to be given a timeframe while enjoying their leisure as the patrons in the film have a chance to connect with other people establishing a sense of community. After they finish with their shower, there are many activities they can do such as playing fighting cricket, Chinese chess and massage. It shows us about how old generation people have more leisure time for them to spend more without worry about anything. Most individuals who visit this place will come since early in the mooring and left this place at night. Everyone who comes to this public bath seems to know each other very well like they are family.

April 06, 2023


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