Sick leaves and paid days off

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When it comes to human resource administration, paid days off and maternity leave are critical components. I will favor allocating time off based on results rather than time served at the organization for a variety of reasons. The first explanation is that success, not time served, is one of the primary priorities of any organization. This makes success one of the topics that can be highly rewarded, as well as ensuring that workers continue to give their all, which is critical to the company. Rewarding performance is an aspect that has been supported by Gupta and Shaw (2014), who indicated that through rewarding performance, an organization ensures that there is the motivation of the employees to perform better even those who have not been rewarded since no employee will be happy without paid time off and sick leave.

Another reason is that performance is an aspect that is not entirely linked to the length of stay by an employee within an organization as indicated by Gupta and Shaw (2014). An employee can be new, but he or she shows extraordinary performance based on the skills and experience that they have as compared to an employee who has stayed at the organization for a longer period. All that matters is how the employee is benefiting the organization which is not entirely linked to how long one has worked or stayed at the organization. Thus, time served does not warrant one to enjoy such time off benefits at the expense of an employee who is an asset based on their performance.


Gupta, N., & Shaw, J. D. (2014). Employee compensation: The neglected area of HRM research. Human Resource Management Review, 24(1), 1-4.

December 28, 2022

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