Situational Leadership Theory

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1. Managers are using more subordinate-centered leadership techniques

Managers are using more subordinate-centered leadership techniques that are primarily founded on the democratic form of leadership. Many leaders are finding that they are held up in situations where they need to delegate duties as opposed to being there when every action is being performed. It does not, however, rule out the existence of boss-centered leadership because some institutions operate best under systems where the power originates from the upper management with the one at the top being the ultimate decision-maker. The setback where the task cannot be performed unless the boss is present has caused many people to shift and embrace leadership that requires the delegation of duties to the subordinates. The use of subordinates also means that the junior employees have the chance to improve their skills as they have been entrusted with the role of managing tasks by themselves without the supervision of the boss hence the growth in this form of leadership in the present-day.

2. Time is an important situational factor

Time is an important situational factor whenever a leader is tasked with the role of selecting the correct management techniques depending on the situation that presents. Crisis management is a common occurrence in the workplace that requires that the leader is in a position to factor the urgency of the problem and institute policies in a timely manner to help manage the situation at stake. The situational aspect also necessitates the need to analyze the importance of time in the perspective of procrastination. One of the greatest setbacks that people possess is the idea of postponing tasks to a later date and the management can eradicate this vice by promoting and developing an organizational culture where the team workers are encouraged to solve problem in a timely manner. The existence of such a feature in the workplace will mean that everyone will be inspired to select the leadership style depending on the urgency of the service needed.

3. The best form of contingency theory is the situational leadership type

The best form of contingency theory is the situational leadership type that is also referred to as the Hersey-Blanchard form of management. The realization that it is dependent on the maturity of those that are being led implies that it is necessary in a firm that has already developed and only needs to maintain its high ranking. It is also a preferred approach because it promotes vices that serve to ensure there is unity and focus because it emphasizes the need for selling the product, participating in the business processes and delegating the duties to the lower staff members.

4. The approach that I plan to use from the stated contingency leadership theories is the situational leadership type

The approach that I plan to use from the stated contingency leadership theories is the situational leadership type because it is appealing both to the management and the team. In either case, there is flexibility because in case I was to exercise the managerial role, it would mean that the tasks are shared and I do not have to undertake all the role. It is also appealing to the workers because through the maturity factor, it implies that the members are willing to undertake their tasks in a willing manner. In either case, the leader will only need to adjust their principles depending on the situation at stake depending on the situation basis at the time. In the end, I find it appealing because it would require that I tell the team what is expected of them, remind them of what is required and delegate the responsibilities.

October 24, 2023

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