Skin and Bone Development in Males and Females

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Living organisms have a natural mechanism that protects the body from adverse conditions and against harmful substances. One of the primary protective mechanism is the skin which is the largest body organ (Arda, Goksugur, & Tuzun, 2014). I agree that the skin offers protection from external injury and diseases causing microorganisms. The protective mechanism explains why body parts with high exposure to the risk of harm have thicker skin than others and why the skin replaces worn-out and destroyed skin cells. Without the skin, the internal body defense mechanism would be too exposed leading to loss of useful substances by the body and entry of harmful substances (Hoffman, 2018). However, I seek to understand the mechanism of formation of the subcutaneous fat because the quantity differs among individuals. I am also interested in understanding whether weather and climate affect the skin color because different people in different geographical regions have varying skin colors.


The protection function of the skin is a complex function because it relates to a two-way process; to and from the body. If the body loses useful substances and when pathogens gain entry to the delicate internal tissues, the body would be at risk (Solano, 2014). The bones play a significant role in support and movement and also the production of certain body substances. Bone-related injuries have become a common phenomenon in the modern world prompting orthopedics to understand the structure and location to be able to treat bone-related conditions particularly in women who exhibit a high susceptibility to diet deficiency related conditions (Kyriakou et al., 2008). I, however, seek to understand the process of bone development that causes the difference between masculine and feminine bone structures. I also seek to understand other functions of the ones other than support and movement.


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August 04, 2023



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